Just wanted to thank you about removing the huge coffee stain of my white carpet. The whole room looks better now. Bought a new wardrobe, but the only time the shop could deliver it was while I was at work. With the Sunday delivery you offer you saved the day, and not only that, the friendly lady on the phone recommended that we have someone come and have it assembled for us. She absolutely saved the day. Great job! We have always wanted a gazebo in the garden but we couldn't afford to get one build.... not until we came across your website. Your team built us an amazing gazebo at a price we could afford. Thanks! The wood floors in my bedroom were getting all worn out, and I had no idea what to do to get them looking great again. Thank you for storing it out for me! Our garden was in a right mess after the winter. As we wanted to let our two little kids play in the garden and knew something had to be done. Thank god we found you. There was a wasp nest in the garden and because I am allergic it had to go immediately. Your team came and got rid of it very quick. Thank you for a job well done!