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    Lady Caroline Grayson love and study for botany has pushed her to create roses and plants not yet seen but her dream is threatened when she’s forced into an arranged marriage with Brent Ravenscroft never did she think her new husband would

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    The great reviews drew me to this book But although I found it to be nice okay even sweet at times there's nothing that lifts it much beyond the ordinary SpoilersLikable The mcs are are well matched The just back from war and PTSD

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    DNFNormally I don't rate DNFs but if I don't rate it then future potential readers won't be aware of the sheer wrongness of this no

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    I love Adele Ashworth's books Why are they out of print? I just finished Winter Garden which is arguably one of the best ever written and now I can't decide which one I like better I'd like to own both but you better get out your wall

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    Caroline was a born genius which during the time frame of this story was one of the worst things that could happen to a woman She wanted to study at university but of course that wasn't accepted for a woman She was a botanist and a natural mathematician All her life though she was the odd one with no friends or suitors Here 4 sisters were blonde blue eyed and beautiful while she was brown haired and brown eyed and thought to be plain Whe

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    I felt betrayed because the hero had an illegitimate daughter who was 4 years old and got married without telling the heroine about his daughterThe book blurb didn't mention this and I usually avoid books with kidsI kept reading anyway but I didn't feel any romance between the hero and heroine I gave up about halfway through

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    It was perfect for meMy Darling Caroline is one of the best books I have read in months wonderfully written emotionally satisfying b

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    Do you ever feel like you can't wait to get home and snuggle into bed and read your book? You look forward to it all day long at work and thi

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    ★★½This story picks up a lot of issues but fails to do enough justice to them all Caroline is passionate about botany and has tried to do n

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    Oh My God A romance novel where the tragic misunderstandings MAKE SENSE within the framework of the plot and characters? Be still my heartSeriously though this is a fantastic marriage2true love story The attraction and affection between the characters makes sense and you just can't stop rooting for them Every mistake they make makes sense for their personalities Strong female character strong male character and a simply

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“Remarkablean emotionally enthralling story Readers will embrace these entertaining characters”  Arnette Lamb A true classic My Darling Caroline marked the debut of USA Today bestselling aut. DNFNormally I don t rate DNFs but if I don t rate it then future potential readers won t be aware of the sheer wrongness of this novelBefore their arranged marriage the hero makes big deal out of the heroine s virginity Then says he has to marry her whether she is ruined or not And that if she is pregnant with a child from another man they would have to dispose of the child after hisher birthMeanwhile he has a daughter from a French courtesan which he does not disclose to the heroine before marrying her A daughter he treats like less than a human being Why can t he have housed her I don t care that he says that she is wild She is a child and she is treated really poorlyThe heroine also sees the child and says get rid of her although in her favour she didn t know that the child was her husband s but regardless you don t get rid off children I don t care that if later on in the book the heroine treats the child better or the hero finally treats her like his daughter If this happened now I would call the police and have the father arrested for neglect

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My Darling Caroline

Hor Adele Ashworth and now it’s back to enthrall historical romance fans once again An enchanting tale of a most unorthodox marriage of convenience My Darling Caroline won the prestigious RWA RI. I love Adele Ashworth s books Why are they out of print I just finished Winter Garden which is arguably one of the best ever written and now I can t decide which one I like better I d like to own both but you better get out your walletthey are BOTH out of printaghhh My Darling Caroline is a book about Caroline Grayson a positively brilliant mathematician and botanist who has experienced much prejudice and shunning based on her gender She is forced into an arranged marriage with Brent Ravenscroft but has no intention of staying married She plans to have the marriage anulled so that she can travel to America and study her botany abroad She didn t plan on falling in love with her husband Brent Ravenscroft is a man of true worth He respects Caroline s intelligence makes no secret of his desire for her and is forth right He is so appealing in many different ways I had to keep myself from sighing in many of the things he says to Caroline throughout the book The characters make this bookas was the case with Winter Garden Ashworth throws in some secondary characters and some villains for good measure but they are not needed The main couple is so strongly characterized and portrayed that you will not forget them The love scenes are erotic yet emotionala difficult thing to do well Ashworth excels at this Find this book along with Winter Garden You will be engrossed hooked and then in the spot I m inhow can I get my hands on a copy at a reasonable price

summary ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Adele Ashworth

TA® Award for Best First Novel heralding the arrival of the extraordinary talent who Lisa Kleypas proclaimed “A thrilling new discoverycertain to become one of romance’s most beloved writers?.