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Fe burdened with a secret so dark she is driven to do the unimaginable Can Tarmun Vykers save them all or will he simply hasten their demiseAre you a fan of Grimdark Joe Abercrombie Steven Erikson Glen Cook or George R R Martin You will love this bookThe author does not recommend this book for anyone under the age of seventeen due to violence and mature language and them. This book was a little hard for me to get into it felt like I was reading a play because of all the dialogue the characters and the changing of point of views but at about the 25% mark it really picked up and I really enjoyed itThe main characters of Long Pete Vykers and D Kem were my favorite I originally thought that Long and his merry band of friends were just in the book for comic relief but the I read the I realized that there was to them By the end they had all grown as characters and you just loved them Long and his giantess were one of the highlights for me I am so glad that the story ended well for them D Kem the washed up burner was also than he seemed and reading about him becoming stronger and powerful by the end battle was a pleasure I loved how he interacted with the idiot Spirk Vykers the Reaper was by far my favorite in the story He was the ultimate warrior and I am still curious as to what he is because he isn t entirely human But I haven it on good authority that there will be books so we will soon find out crosses fingers I loved his gruff attitude and could totally see him kicking butt and takin names The villain The End of All Things was super creepy I felt like his army of thrall and the way he got people to work for him through force and manipulation was genius in a mad scientist sort of way The climatic battle between Vykers and The End was exciting and I was even a bit worried for the hero since it was such a tough battleOverall I would highly recommend this book to fans of epic fantasy and adventure novels It was an exciting and thrilling tale

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On the march around the campfire and in the taverns they tell incredible stories about Tarmun Vykers – how he’s never been cut in battle how he once defeated hundreds of men by himself how he exterminated an entire people over an insult These stories make Vykers seem like a god; he is a man an arrogant ruthless and bloodthirsty man And he may be the only thing standi. Also available on BooknestEU who knows me will tell you how I like my fantasy black gritty and without apology There s nothing wrong with bright and optimistic fantasy but I like it when the protagonists are bastards the villains are monsters and the world is not going to become a better place once the final blow is struck It s a subgenre grimdark which despite Game of Thrones success which is best exemplified by indie fantasy artists like Rob J Hayes ML Spencer Richard Nell Michael Baker and Michael R Fletcher Now Allan BatchelderI ve read STEEL BLOOD AND FIRE twice and gained a much greater appreciation of the material within The book opens with Tarmun Vykers the Reaper having his hands as well as feet hacked off by the local authorities He s kept alive though then dumped in the middle of the woods to die for his myriad crimes He s saved though by the ghost of a long dead mage who makes a pact to keep him alive Meanwhile a barbarian warlord called The End of All Things has begun a genocidal campaign across the countryside Vykers thus takes up a job with the people who maimed him thankfully he got better to destroy him but will he prove worse than his opponentAllan Batchelder is a master of combining humor with dark and gritty storytelling He reminds me of Rob Hayes Joe Abercrombie and Mark Lawrence in this respect One of the earliest scenes in the book is a young boy being told he s the Chosen One in order for a mercenary company to impress him and send him off to the war It s hilarious as they re terrible at it but their subject is dumber than a bag of hammers We also see characters engage in hypocritical actions that constantly reflect the casual prejudices of the world The Virgin ueen is a old bitter crone who hates everyone and everything around her while also being uite sexually active even at her age but cultivates a chaste beautiful legend around herselfI m a fan of the characters who manage to be distinct and entertaining throughout The mercenaries are a bumbling band of fools who are probably going to get themselves killed but that isn t something they worry about since they might get paid before it happens Vykers is also an arrogant blowhard who despite suffering recent injuries is eager to get back to doing the very things which got him in trouble in the first place He s also stuck with a moralizing ghost in his head which doesn t want to share his form when he goes whoring about Arune is wise but freuently exasperated with his barbarian partner I m also a fan of Aoife as a young nun like witch is forced from one trauma to another due to the evil afflicting her brotherThe world building is consistent but minimalist This book doesn t waste time with descriptions of ancient histories Gondor s relationships with Numenor and other tidbits Instead we meet the ueen we meet her rivals and we find out about ancient lost cities when they need to be visiting This isn t a bad thing though because the world maintains some mystery and it has enough character so as not to be a generic setting either The book has a lot of show don t tell which I appreciated We get insight into how the people live by having characters talk about it and that works far better than trying to describe the details It s a dirty smelly sleazy sort of kingdom and that comes across through the charactersThe action in the book is great with the fights being uick brutal and unromantic Vykers is reputed to be a legendary warrior who could kill two hundred men but he s only able to kill about six at a time There s a sort of Howardian feel to things that is mixed with an unromantic working class sensibility to the heroes One of them is a gigolo for example and he discusses at length how his business works in a Medieval fantasy world Magic is shown to be useful but not overwhelming allowing armies and regular warriors to be relevantIn conclusion this book is just fun and I m eager to read the rest of the books in the series The humor action and cynical world are all things which made it an enjoyable reading experience People should definitely check this out as a great example of indie fantasy

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Ng between the human race and utter annihilation at the hands of the mad sorcerer whose name is also his only goal the End of All Things Against this backdrop smaller lesser folks struggle to fulfill their own destinies folks like Long Pete the former gigolo and jack of all trades and Spirk Nessno the enigmatic over enthusiastic simpleton Struggling too is the Mender Aoi. Our main character Tarmun Vykers is released from imprisonment just in time for a psychotic evil wizard to destroy the worldDespite being a recent enemy the ueen calls on Vykers to aid her armies in their fight against Anders the evil sorcerer Early on we see flashbacks to his childhood through another character We don t know why he wants to destroy the world but one thing is certain Anders is clearly a very bad dude Vykers is an infamous warrior not prone to debate likes to muscle his way through situations He s given a group of chimeras to aid him and their lifestyle is unusual to say the least Traveling with them tests his ability through many situations as he tries to decide how much he can actually trust them Also he meets the ghost of a sorceress who convinces him to let her share his body by possessing his mind so she can leave the cave she s been trapped in The evil sorcerer has a sister Aoife whose storyline I liked considerably She came from the abusive past of growing up with an evil brother but built a life for herself She learned to wield magic and on her journey meets a plethora of magical fey creatures She becomes their champion They are also organizing against Anders because on top of his other injustices he s burned down all their favorite forests We also have a somewhat merry band of misfits who leave their village in search of glory but find such pursuits are not as glamorous as they hoped They lose a member early on have trouble finding mercenary jobs and end up joining the army for a steady meal and a tent over their heads Lucky for them they ve enlisted just in time to watch the impending end of the world Anders the evil sorcerer aka the End of All Things has built an army by force He casts a spell on new recruits that make them little than mindless zombies who do his bidding march when he says attack when he says Morale is not much of a problem except with his officers who he needs to leave mentally coherent for military advice Most of them are forced into this service through other means Despite the dark subject matter the tone has a charming light heartedness to it that sometimes reminded me of a Monty Python sketch The author depicts battle scenes well including hand to hand combat and spell effects It s filled with classic fantasy elements meshed with a modern style and uickly shifting scenes The stakes were high but the style lacked tension The story develops slowly and the POV changes happen uickly often in mid scene It was an interesting effect that I sometimes appreciated and sometimes found distractingIf you re looking for a dark fantasy slow burner that s fun it makes for an entertaining read

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    Also available on BooknestEU who knows me will tell you how I like my fantasy black gritty and without apology There's nothing wrong with bright and optimistic fantasy but I like it when the protagonists are bastards the villains are monsters

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    Originally reviewed at BookwraithsMy rating is 35 stars Steel Blood Fire is a dark gritty and brutal fantasy novel in the grimdark sub genre People are tortured raped and killed in the George RR Martin style The setting is medieval portrayed in a realistic way with splendid touches of historical authenticity and there is even uite a bit of magic magical creatures and god like beings making appearances to spice up the ho

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    There's been a lot of talk about this book and series over on the BestFantasyBooks forum so I'll admit to a degree of concern that I wouldn't enjoy it uite as much as other forum members had Boy was I wrong though this book is superb From the first page until the last I was hooked The writing is excellent hints of Abercrombie the

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    Forgot to review initially as i went straight on to the second book This seems to be below the radar but deserves a wider audience and i had my doubts at the start gave up and started again You get dropped into the thick of things and its uite pacey from the off which i wasn't sure about myself However after sta

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    I'll begin by stating that I'm a huge fan of humor in Fantasy I devoured Terry Pratchett's entire discworld series after hearing it compared to Douglas Adams I enjoyed Nicholas Eames' offerings Kings of the Wyld and Bloody Rose which to me were an excellent mix of classic fantasy and a modern and subtle approach to satireAllan Bat

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    Our main character Tarmun Vykers is released from imprisonment just in time for a psychotic evil wizard to destroy the worldDespite being a recent enemy the ueen calls on Vykers to aid her armies in their fight against Anders the evil sorcerer

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    Imagine Conan the Barbarian but definitely no good guy brought down to his lowest point captured maimed and then pressed into battle

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    If you haven't read this book yet put it on your to read list and make sure you get to it You won't be disappointed The character development was great and the action moved the story along at a perfect pace not too fast and not too slow The only downside I can think of is that now I have to find the time to rea

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    This book was a little hard for me to get into it felt like I was reading a play because of all the dialogue the characte

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    My interest in Steel Blood and Fire peaked when Allan became active on the BestFantasyBooks forum and several of the members read and rated it highly I received one of five eBooks the author gave freely to the first five who replied to his message Nonetheless I’ll give a honest reviewThis book revolves primarily around Tarmun Vykers a semi legendary spawn of moral ambiguity We meet him in his darkest hour captured by his enemies and ber