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The beautiful Empress Damera Istanova rallies the forces of Istanov to her banner as her brother is driven back to the capital Can she defeat the Duke of Ashes and his horde of monsters or will she be conuered like everyone else that has stood in his path Damera has brought the scattered forces of Istanov under her command and prepares a trap for the rampaging horde of the.

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Princess to Pleasure Slave Chronicles (Book Nine)

Second army of monsters far to the north led by the Duke's evil lieutenants The battle for Istanov reaches an explosive and erotic climax in this chapter of the Princess to Pleasure Slave Chronicles This 15000 word story reveals the heights of courage and the depths of depravity to be found in this monstrous battle Will the empress triumph or will she be a feast for the fie.

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Duke of Ashes She receives unexpected help and pleasure from the king of neighboring Heimsvak but it will take than a contingent of borrowed knights to best the master of monsters She uses her cunning to lay a trap for the Duke drawing him to an abandoned location for a final showdown Can she escape the lure of a succubus sent to overcome her Does she know of the rapacious.