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Runt of the enemy's assault She has been abandoned by her alliesa and her brother is concerned with tormenting his housemaids in the capital city than offering her any assistance The empress will stand alone and attempt to outwit her foes Unbending in the face of the monster horde fearless against the dia.

Read & Download Princess to Pleasure Slave Chronicles Book Thirteen

Princess to Pleasure Slave Chronicles Book Thirteen

Empress Damera Istanova has been gravely wounded and poisoned in battle against the forces of the Duke of Ashes Despite the healing power of a beautiful angel she is plagued by unnatural urges even as she tries to lead her battered army in a fight to save the empire The empress prepares to face the full b.

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Bolical Red Witch she is threatened by lust insidious than any foe Darkness descends upon Istanov and the empress stands alone In this 15000 word tale she will either face her downfall at the hands of the monsters or triumph and save Istanov Will she prevail Or will she become just another slave to pleasu.

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