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Earn a few disturbing things Master Hildolf is a sadistic Dom who takes pleasure in corporal punishment of his submissive staff and there's something creepy going on in the dark corners of Black Lily One by one the new employees start uitting and customers are frightened away Is Master Hildolf the reason.

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Black Lily Gilded Lily #3

A dark specter has been haunting the dungeons at Black Lily Boston's premier BDSM club When half the staff suddenly uits silent partners Eric and Brad loan their subs Amy and Kali as temporary staff to the general manager Master Hildolf After one week of working among an entirely new staff Amy and Kali l.

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No one lasts long or is Black Lily truly hauntedIn their personal lives Amy and Eric are in a rocky place Eric has a bad habit of taking liberties and Amy begins to uestion their future Will their relationship survive Black LilyThis is book 3 in the Gilded Lily Series Training Amy Book 1 Switched Book 2.

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    This was a great book I love the relationship of Eric and Amy brad and Kali I love the friendship of Amy and Kali So looking forward to reading hildolf's story

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    Black Lily Gilded Lily Book 3By Anne O'ConnellI started reading Gilded Lily Book 1 in 2011 it was sexy and a touch of rom

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    A really fun read with lots of hot sex i just wished that Amy voiced herself in this book

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