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Sam Sam is Andrew’s best friend and he thinks his crush on Carla is a secret too Ca.

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Trio by Belle McClain

N the three of them make beautiful music together when Andrew invites Sam into their b.

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Andrew loves Carla Carla loves Andrew but harbors what she thinks is a secret crush on.

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    I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book The storyline was interesting but I just wasn't invested in the characters

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    I really enjoyed this story about Andrew Carla and Sam Andrew and Carla have been married for nine years and he

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    Andrew and Carla have been happily married for nine years He is a planner and has to think things over before coming to a decision Sam is his best friend and he knows Carla finds him attractive He will do anything to make andor keep Carla happy He comes up with the plan of inviting Sam into their bed for sex and sex only no emotional entanglements I really enjoyed this fast read One click your copy and find out

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