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    Happily ever after it is Ethan and Sam come home from their honeymoon The BDSM continues in intensity in this follow up book Before they left Hawaii Sam provided a list of fantasies for Ethan Ethan takes Sam's wishes into consideration and brings it all to fruition Sam wanted to be mastered without a safeword and to exper

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    This is without a doubt the best thing that Candace Blevins has written to date Honestly you could take most of the kink away and still have a

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    Once again I've read this series out of order and although I find this book very well written it just wasn't a 5 s

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    IMO best Candace Blevins yet I've read all the previous ones This one gives us of 'inside Ethan' getting to know him was a treat The 'hot scenes' were HOT 'Being there' rather than being told about them makes all the difference to me Kudos Cand

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    Reviewed by Jaycee for Books 'N Cozy Spots Book Reviews wwwTalon pscomI believe it is completely fair to say in two spare words IN TENSE Okay th

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    42 A Little than I wanted about the fights they were too involved and stretched out for me I liked there were fewer scenes though some of these scenes were so intense I didn't know if I would get through them The wooden horse is a torture device plain and simple and it really bothers me the subs are so determined they can

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    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewBefore I sat down to write my review of Candace Blevins’ No Safeword Matte Happily Ever After I made sure to have a box of tissues and a thesaurus nearby The tissues were for t

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    Although I have really enjoyed reading this series the previous two books left me with somewhat conflicted feelings This one

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    With No Safeword Matte – Happily Ever After Candace Blevins has finished her 4 book SafewordNo Safeword Matte series It chronicles the relationship of Samantha Sam McGinnis and Ethan Levi Sam is a divorce lawyer; petite in size but physically and mentally strong as well as fiercely independent She did not want or need a man to “take care” of her either financially or in any other way Ethan a physically large and imposing man is an i

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    Wow what a wild ride the Matte series has been We first met Sam and Ethan in Safeword Matte as they became a cou

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REVIEW ´ MZINES.CO.UK ☆ Candace Blevins

En kind to the couple so far but can their luck hold out Is their relationship strong enough to withstand th. Reviewed by Jaycee for Books N Cozy Spots Book Reviews wwwTalon pscomI believe it is completely fair to say in two spare words IN TENSE Okay three words add epic to the mix because this is a long full deep sometimes uncomfortable and always honest conclusion to this Act of Sam and Ethan s life togetherI expected certain things to happen in this installment I expected Sam s court case to wrap up and I expected some shall we say conseuences from the preamble of this particular arc I did not expect what did happen but it fit much better than my idea would have Good planning Ms Blevins I loved that there was no uick fix and I really really loved that medically speaking the course and the lingo were pretty much spot on It rang true and it was skillfully woven with the everyday life as well as the life changes that were affecting both Sam and EthanI expected they would pretty much pick up their normal lives upon return from that Honeymoon of Part III I did not expect the life changes that came Ethan s way to involve Sam uite the way it did And while I m not generally a big fan of Fighter stories I uite enjoyed if not he actual fight accounts the training and strategizing that went into them as well as the characters introduced because of this segue I expected the personal side of the relationship to continue to be explicit and intense I did not expect my definition of intense to be so challenged I have to admit to a real stretch in my personal comfort level at times and yet this book is so skillfully and uite beautifully all about the relationship and what it means in its totality to these two loving committed individuals Life is happening around them at a frenetic pace and they deal with it in both recognizable ways but also in ways that fulfill them as individuals and as a couple Instead of their lifestyle being the elephant in the room it truly becomes simply a part of their life and what they need to make it work for themNotwithstanding I can also honestly say that I have encountered a couple of personal Not in this Lifetimes not to mention at least one Not ever in this plane of existence This book wraps up a foursome of Acts that represent the evolution of a couple but it certainly also leaves the door open to them being prominent in the lives of of their friends I m looking forward to what the next Safeword Arabesue means to CassieI can t recommend this series enough to open minded readers as well as those readers looking for a great storyline that also challenges their knowledge and beliefs Reading doesn t get much better than this

CHARACTERS No Safeword Matte: Happily Ever After (Safeword, #8)

No Safeword Matte: Happily Ever After (Safeword, #8)

E challenges aheadFasten your seat belts and hang onto your hats for the final installment in the Matte seri. Although I have really enjoyed reading this series the previous two books left me with somewhat conflicted feelings This one did not I absolutely loved this book The Ds scenes in the previous two books were so intense that sometimes the love between Sam and Ethan got lost in the scene That was not the case with this book During even the most intense punishment scenes it was apparent how much they loved each other I especially like that the author allowed the reader to get in to Ethan s head during some of the scenes I had thought many times during the previous books that even for a sadist it must be hard to watch someone you love be in so much pain Ethan confirmed that early on with his internal battle between giving Sam the pain and discipline they both craved and being her protector This is a fairly lengthy book and occurs over a two year span During the third book of the series the author removed most of the outside stories and focused solely on Sam and Ethan s relationship In this book life resumes when they return from their honeymoon Sam gets back to work and picks back up on the Masterson case from Book 2 while Ethan begins to formulate what to do next in his fighting career Early on in the book Sam endures a significant emotional and physical trauma After seeing of Ethan the sadist in the previous two books I loved getting to see of his nurturing side as he helps with Sam s recoverySam and Ethan s fighting careers are the focus of the later part of the novel Just like in the first novel the author does a tremendous job of documenting both the training and the actual fight Two new characters Jerrod and Miguel become a big part of the story as their fighting coaches Both characters were good editions to the cast Training for the fights also gave a lot of opportunities for Sam and Ethan to spar with each other which resulted in some incredibly hot moments Candice Blevins seems to be one of the most responsible writers in the BDSM genre at the moment She goes to great length to show consent and negotiation between the characters during BDSM scenes In this book there is a rape description in one chapter and Candace was kind enough to include a link to an alternative chapter for those that are not comfortable reading about a sexual assault I was also impressed with the firearm detail she includes in this book When Sam decides to carry a weapon the author provides tremendous details on the different types of weapons and Sam goes through a series of training classes before carrying a weapon If you have made it this far in the series you really need to read this final book It is the best yet

REVIEW ´ MZINES.CO.UK ☆ Candace Blevins

The honeymoon is over and it’s time for Sam and Ethan to start the rest of their lives togetherFate has be. Happily ever after it is Ethan and Sam come home from their honeymoon The BDSM continues in intensity in this follow up book Before they left Hawaii Sam provided a list of fantasies for Ethan Ethan takes Sam s wishes into consideration and brings it all to fruition Sam wanted to be mastered without a safeword and to experience extreme pain Be careful of what you wish for because Ethan s creative scenes make me cross my legs curl up cringe and whimper Then again I m no pain masochist As my kinkster friends say I m a wuss ochist low threshold for BDSM style pain Ms Blevins is hands down one of the best BDSM writers when it comes to realistic SM The BDSM scenes in this story are than what most people can handle I love it The scenes are well designed with every precaution taken into consideration It s nice to see how Ethan goes to a mentor to learn how to use a new euipment safely In addition he completes additional research to make sure Sam experiences exuisite pain not nerve damaging harm This all works because of who the characters are hard hitting physical athletes As a fan of MMA this book places me over the moon The combination between sex and sparring is tailored for a specific type of reader The parallels between the BDSM and MMA training is well done The fact that the training overlaps and benefits each other is clever For example in the bantam class it is true the fighters are faster and usually flexible Watching these fights are always exciting to me because there is punching kicking and movement One of Ethan s wishes is to have Sam in an armbinder His training to bring her arms sexily together behind her back help her with flexibility This is key for fighting because it helps Sam slip out of holds easier than othersWithout giving spoilers the BDSM I enjoyed are the fisting and the cabin scene What I also like is the contract detailing Sam as Ethan s sexual property He can take her any way at any time This is uite the power exchange Because it means Sam must trust Ethan to never push to far over her line In addition it means she must submit to Ethan because she wants to please him Sam is not perfect She struggles with this many times and it s always hard to watch This is because Ethan will enforce their contract and Sam will be punished These punishments are harsh and always frightening me a bit It is because Ms Blevins writes it so well I can experience it vicariously through Sam As we established earlier I don t like that much pain All I want to do is yell at Sam to STOP Stop fighting and stop trying to challenge Ethan s authority Because when Ethan is forced to exert his dominance there is no walking straight for days While this is not my kink I can appreciate it even if it intimidates me The characters in this book are fabulous The reader continues to see Ethan and Sam grow closer together The secondary characters Jerrod and Miguel their respective trainers add fun to the book These two help enhance the story At times the story may seem too serious due to unforeseen events The secondary characters help break up it up with humour Even the characters I may not like so much without them the story wouldn t have worked This is an excellent contemporary BDSM erotic with all the ups and downs of real life Highly recommended to readers who want to see how a BDSM couple can live the lifestyle and balance it with their work