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    And we thought it was all overspoilersTiernan doesn't waste anytime in this book the prologue kills off Hunter No No How can Hunter be dead? And the Claddagh ring is gone tooWhere's the happy ending Morgan so very much deserves?We have plenty of time to cry about that in the hundred pages that follow in which nothing happens We NEED to deal with his death but the passage of time that's passed means that it's

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    This review will contain spoilers so do not read if you don't want to know what happened in the bookSweep 1 14 w

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    Today's review is on Night's Child by Cate TiernanNight's Child is the special edition installment in Tiernan's Sweep series and receives two thumbs upFour years have passed since the last book and Morgan and Hunter are still together and in love though they don't get to see each other very often Morgan is busy rebuilding the Bel

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    45 starsFinally after beginning this series back when I was in my teens I have completed the WiccaSweep series And honestly I was so pleasantly surprised by this book because it really grabbed a hold of me and made me feel ALL OF THE FEELSThis book takes place around 20 years after the previous installment and follows a now adult Morgan who is living in Ireland with her daughter Moira She has gone through some absolutely horrible

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    This book was smooth and easy to get through with lots of different reasons to keep reading in a hungry fashion It ties everything together nicely and was written in a way that when people who haven't read the first fourteen books before can easily catch up and still understand what's going on It's definitely

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    I HATE MY COMPUTER I had written a beautiful review for the whole sweep series and then my computer decided to del

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    I've read this entire sweep series many times over again It never gets old Morgan and her friends Bree and Robby go through highschool

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    This is by far my favourite book in the Sweep series it's the one I re read uite a few times and still makes me so emotional reading That being said I re read the complete series this month after 5 or 6 years If you want to know my spoiler free thoughts on the complete book series

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    PlotThe story is set maybe eighteen or nineteen years after the end of Full Circle Morgan is a widow with a child and is set to become the new high priestess in the upcoming year After many years of peace weird things are happening around Morgan and her coven leading her to believe that someone is out to get them Her an

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    I'll state it up front this book was disappointing I'm not arguing the whole Hunter dies in the beginning point I actually thought that made for an interesting plot element Tiernan had started setting something to this extent up in the previous book by mentioning Colm that ending his job as a Seeker meant that Hunter would be unguarded It's just that this book is very poor in uality when held up against the other Sweep

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Entures as the progeny of one of the most powerful blood witches the Seven Great Clans have ever know. I ve read this entire sweep series many times over again It never gets old Morgan and her friends Bree and Robby go through highschool life together while the girls are fighting over the newcomer Cal Blaire The two teens find themselves ex best friends when Cal chooses Morgan over Bree Cal brings morgan and other people from the school together to form a coven to learn and practice Wicca Morgan soon realizes with Cal s help that she s a bloodwitch and along with this new information Morgan is thrown into a whole new world of magick lies betrayal and friendship Ties are broken and renewed and a pattern seems to form When ever things start going right Morgan discovers something new which sends her back into confusion and deception Her murin betha dan Cal s half brother starts out as an enemy to her and Cal She belives he s lieing to her and Cal is telling the truth But as ussual things are not always as they seem Morgan s life is entwined with others in this insipiring seductive and addictive series It s an all nighter and you wont want to put any of the books down until you re done

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Night's Child Moira's Story

Morgan's saga continues in this double length stand alone SWEEP book Moira's Story will shoot readers. This review will contain spoilers so do not read if you don t want to know what happened in the bookSweep 1 14 was good I was interested If I were inclined to write a review it would be positive Then there was book 15 My advice don t read book 15 Read books 1 14 and think of your own future for Hunter and Morgan Where to start First I have never reviewed a book on Goodreads good or bad but this book disappointed me so much I could not stay silentThe characters have aged four years Many books do this to finish the story and it works in most series You open the book and Hunter dies This was not overly surprising given his enemies as a Seeker but the manner of his death is poorly written The ferry he is travelling on just went down That s it Clearly the work of dark magick yet Belwicket does nothing Nothing happens in the book around this mysterious accident resulting the deaths of dozens Morgan slips into a clinical depression and loses the will to live after her ring from Hunter flies off her finger and into the sea Nothing suspicious there readers Just accept it and keep on reading Fast forward another 16 years Morgan marries Colm two months after Hunter dies She doesn t even remember it While in her state of despair Colm and his mother Katrina discover she is carrying Hunter s child heal her and LIE to her for 16 years about the father I know Morgan is a strong witch apparently until she meets Colm and Katrina who manipulate her in my opinion but really can the girl never catch a break Hunter finally proposes they will have the life we have imagined they would have and then he dies in some weird freak ferry accident And then their daughter is in the same position she was in as a teen a hot guy who is the first to like her and his mom and dark magick Ok some suspicious dark magick some scrying a weird dream and Hunter isn t really dead let s have some EPIC battle to get him back No book series would be complete without a crazy fight scene where every feat seems impossible but happens Oh and we thought the dark wave was gone but no someone has figured out how to bring it back With all the work they did to dissipate the wave in Widow s Vale you would think they would have written it down committed it to memory and taught it to everyone especially the Woodbane clan Belwicket So there is the EPIC battle the witches defeat the dark wave AGAIN with Hunter s help Though he was close to death when they found him he is still able to assist with the defeat of the most powerful dark magick ever And Moira a 15 year old teenager just accepts he is her biological dad and everyone lives happily ever after Even Katrina dear old mother in law that lied to you for 16 years about the paternity of your childAnd we never did discover how Morgan became pregnant with Hunter s baby They did all the correct spells It was just fate It was a flimsy excuse to fill in a major plot hole In my mind Morgan goes to study abroad She finishes high school moves to Ireland to help rebuild Belwicket and Hunter helps to build the New Chapter of the Council The events in book 15 did not take place That is the only way my brain can justify the energy I put into reading this series

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Forward through time where we will meet Morgan's daughter raised as a blood witch and follow her adv. I HATE MY COMPUTER I had written a beautiful review for the whole sweep series and then my computer decided to delete it all and do some crazy thing where it all disappeared and wasn t saved THANKS COMPUTERMaybe I ll try again laterEDIT trying again nowWell SWEEP was a magicalpun intended series that sweptanother pun intended me off my feetIt revolves around 16 year old Morgan Rowlands who learns about the beauty and the darkness involved in Wiccan Magick I immediately liked Morgan after only the first book with her strong will and independence She was a great older sister and a great friend She was confident and okay with the fact her younger sister was prettier and curvier And she was vulnerable to love and life woes Over the fifteen books that make up SWEEP Morgan became than a character to me It might sound silly but I uickly grew to care about her and her well being She became like a friend to me I felt like I stood next to her when she found out devastating news about her heritage I felt my heart ache when she found out she had been betrayed I wanted to cry with her when her heart was broken and tell her she could lean on my shoulder if she needed it I feel like Morgan is the character every author wishes to dream up in the sense that she s real in every normal teenager way and yet unreal all at the same time Morgan also deals with some subjects that a lot of young people or maybe just people in general deal with on a daily basis Her parents and sister are not accepting of Wicca at all They are Catholics and believe that is the only way But Morgan tells them over and over that it was not something she has chosen Wicca is just who she is For anyone who has ever felt unacceptedwhich might just be all of us at one time or another will feel connected to Morgan in this wayShe also fights a battle almost daily of choosing between light and dark And though I think its safe to say we don t all practice a form of Magick where the dark side is constantly begging us to join it we all have a good side and a not so good side And we all have to decide if we are going to do the right thing or the not right thing It may be some small instance like deciding whether or not to fib to your best friend that you indeed like her new hairstyle But we all make these choices at some point in time and I really felt for Morgan in her decision making She had to constantly remind herself that she chose good That the alluring dark side had no pull no reward for her She had to remain confident and strong no matter how many times she was knocked down and it was A LOT and continue the fight None of our lives might be that dramatic but isn t it great to see someone and a young teenage girl no less never give up Doesn t that give you some hope for your life where you have no dark witches or backstabbing best friends or even an evil dark force called a dark wave after you Doesn t it make your life seem a little brighter Maybe that s why I read Maybe that s why I loved this series so much Certain books always seem to come into my life to teach me something or make me see something that I didn t before always at the certain time I need them toCate Tiernan s writing was another reason I loved this series so much It was straightforward and concise but also beautiful in her descriptions I ve never read someone describe Magick the way she does Whenever Morgan was getting wrapped up in a Circle I felt like I was there That I was spinning with them and could feel the air around me moving I could see the light and the energy that Morgan saw and felt It was all so precise that I felt like I must have pictured EXACTLY what Cate Tiernan pictured when she wrote it Her writing also had a wonderful flow to it that made the reading go by uickly I keep wanting to say that it was simple but simple is not the right word for it at allSo all in all I guess you can see that I loved this series very much It will always have a place in my heart and I look forward to the day when I will start again from the beginning moving all the way through to the end dredging up all my fond and familiar feelings just like catching up with an old friend