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Maggie begin to confront their own assumptions about mortality ambition and what it means to make a truly lasting impression in this world In this riveting portrait of self awakening art and life come fluidly to interact as Maggie's instinct for the fictitious collides with a newfound yearning to relate to life with the immediacy of her newest closest friend.

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Joined at the Head

Tical while Maggy even in the throes of her illness retains a warm and giving response to the world and others Maggie acts as the play's narrator from time to time commenting upon the process of her writing while also shrewdly dissecting her relationship to her former boyfriend's wife As Maggy's illness becomes the central uestion in all their lives Jim and.

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Maggie Mulroney is on a promotional tour for her novel JOINED AT THE HEAD when she gets an invitation to visit with her old high school flame Jim and his wife also named Maggy who is dying of cancer The two women strike up an immediate friendship notwithstanding the total disparity in their characters Maggie the novelist is intensely self examining and analy.

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    I have a really hard time visualizing plays when reading them That is why I don't really rate them very high because there are some plays that I just don't see However with this play it was very different I found

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