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Igo race; discusses the mythology of the Fifth World under a Native American Theosophical and Christian perspective; and finally mentions micronation building and branding strategies micronational etymology and polycentric l.

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The Fifth World

Worlds secessionist groups irredentist groups and micronations The book describes how the Fifth World began; gives growth strategies for micronations; mentions the legalities of micronations; talks about the new and real Ind.

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This is a book about advanced micronationalism Fifth World mythology and nation building After starting with a description of the First Second and Third Worlds the Official World it also describes the Fourth Fifth and Sixth.

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    Thank you Tallini you are an inspiration In fact you say No everything hasn't been taken I can still make something happen and be what I like in God's universe Someone may call you a lunatic but so was Jesus Buddha and all other great world leaders Follow your dreams

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    Usually I can tell when a book is by a mentally ill person and the about the author blurb in the back of this vanity press volume should have been the red flag Tallini has earned a BS in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix; a BSc in Contemplative Psychology from William Cullen Bryant University; and was granted an honorary PhD in Cyberanthropology from Cosmopolitan University Research Institute Something tells m

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