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Salvador Dali Living Art

Also explores Dali's rich legacy which includes brilliant works in virtually all forms of media The result is a true marriage of life and art and an insightful look into the mysteries of fame and creative genius.

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Wife and muse Gala; and his contentious relationship with artists of the Surrealist movement are examined alongside vibrant reproductions of some of the most dazzling paintings of the twentieth century The book.

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It is hard to tell what is fascinating Dali's brilliant hallucinatory art or the eccentric life he led This book considers both the works and the man Dali's penchant for self promotion; his partnership with his.

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    this is an easy read and is set out in a 'snapshot' manner depicting his life briefly under subject banners I enjoyed it and read it in one sitting it's an informative read than a tantalising one but it was what I was looking for a book for useful research

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    This is a good book for general knowledge of Dali's life not great for someone who is looking for than an introduction It's a good start though and very interesting

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