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    I’ve read samples of Christine Hamm’s work in journals and magazines and I am already biased even before I opened this book Her inventive literary eye for the uaint and the dysfunctional in everyday objects never fails to amaze me I love Hamm’s poems because they conjure menace; they skim past those seemingly harmless kitchen implements those countertops those careless domestic habits From “For My Mothe

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    4 and 12 Hamm is so witty and clever

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    Beautiful and disturbing

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characters É eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Christine Elizabeth Hamm

T milk soup wine rotten eggs and ice cream She is the dark bud on a head of cabbage the burnt patch in the pot of soup the cotton candy under the nails of a fighter In turn.

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The Salt Daughter

Ing back to see mother father and siblings The Salt Daughter is sea water and chloride cathartic and acid Hamm's brilliant collection resounds with the force of a fairy tal.

characters É eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Christine Elizabeth Hamm

The Salt Daughter takes us on a journey through the secret kitchen of an American family This daughter is no shrinking violet Like Alice in the well she swims through spoil.