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    My first book of 2020and its a great oneDidnt know much about Freddie Blassie but through this book i learned so much about him and his crazy life in and out of the wrestling ring An absolute must read for wrestling fans

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    Not only did MTV destroy rock and roll and everything it ever stood for they were also present at the beginning of professional wre

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    I've read uite a few of these WWE bios The Rock Hulk Hogan Mick Foley and this one is easily the best First off the scope is ridiculous From Carnival roots in the 30's to the big shows in the 2000's Blassie has been there Since this book is made up from interviews near the end of Blassie's life with additional commentary from others who wer

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    With a career that stretched from the 1930’s to the mid 80’s and encompassed such roles as pro wrestler carny comedian

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    A very entertaining book Blassie lived a wild life in which he says he was stabbed 21 times by crazed fans and had acid poured on him He also claims that 25 people in Japan had heart attacks and died the first time they saw him on TV and tha

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    One of the best wrestling books I have read Freddie Blassie saw it all from the carnival days of the 1930s to the modern WWE of the 21st Century Freddie lived an eventful life to say the least Highly recommended for not only wrestli

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    This was a fun read and lookback on one of the WWF’s most colorful characters The history of how the local promoters did their things before

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    This book shocked me I picked it up at a library book sale and was happy I got it Knowing professional wrestling like I do I knew Blassie as a manager when I started watching in the 1980s and knew he was a wrestler before he managed I did enjoy the stories he tells about wrestlers like Haystacks Calhoun Andre the Giant and others I also enjoyed his stories about Capt Lou Albano another wrestler turned manager

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    I picked this book up at Border's for a dollar a while ago and to say for that price it was worth the read Classy Freddie Blassie lead an interesting life as one of early wrestlings heels or bad guys Through out the book the

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    Forget the word wrestling and insert the words show business This bio is very funny crude touching and it reveals a really interesting late 50's and 60's late night Los Angeles television sub culture of wrestling talk show hosts characters music Dr Demento Blassie traveled the world worked with tons of talk show hosts Muhammad AliAndre the Giant Wrestlemania and onI am a big fan of comedyentertainment and I enjoy the

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Listen You Pencil Neck Geeks

Classy Freddie Blassie was universally acknowledged as one of the most hated heels in wrestling history Freddie really knew how to antagonize the fans how to get heat Death threats were freuent enraged fans stabbed him twenty one times and he was even doused with acid Undeterred Blassie just took the action up a level He reveled in being the heel It was commonplace to see him biting his opponents and then spitting out their blood Blassie would routinely fi. Not only did MTV destroy rock and roll and everything it ever stood for they were also present at the beginning of professional wrestling s long painful disintegration from a closed society fan basecult into mindless pap for the masses Cyndi Lauper as manager or Hulk Hogan s Rock Wrestling anyone Once televised matches graduated from small intimate studio settings to arenas and stadiums with full blown pyrotechnics concert lighting and sound and wrestlers who looked as though they ate a bowl of steroids for breakfast masuerading as rock stars it was all over but the shouting Letting the public in on the secret that matches were pre scripted was merely the last nail in the coffinFreddie Blassie the self proclaimed Hollywood Fashion Plate is probably best known to the music video generation as manager of such no neck wonders as the Iron Sheik furry backed George The Animal Steele and leather jacketed Hell s Kitchen thug Adrian Adonis whose later transformation into Adorable prompted one fan to fashion a homemade sign proclaiming him an AIDS victim By that point the sandpaper larynxed Blassie had been in the biz nearly 50 years making his wrestling debut in 1935 at the tender age of 17 a time when men were men and what went on backstage stayed backstageBlassie soon rose or sank to become probably the most hated heel in wrestling showing a geniune gift for raising the collective blood pressure of a crowd selling an opponent andor match and having a helluva great time doing it Spinning tales of life on the road in the locker room and in the suared circle nothing is sacred and his prose style is as salty as anyone could ever hope for Along the way Blassie worked for three generations of McMahons terrorized Japan and still managed to find the love of his life Miyako there lost enough blood to deplete the Red Cross found a true friend in the late Andy Kaufman and birthed the Dr Demento cult classic Pencil Neck Geek What else is there except for maybe a really good record collectionIf you love wrestling or maybe just a story with a happy ending Blassie s tome is for you although co author Keith Elliot Greenberg s epilogue made me cry like a baby What the hell ever happened to the human race Freddie RIP you left us too soon

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Le his teeth during interviews His matches in Los Angeles' Olympic Stadium brought him to the attention of Hollywood Freddie's style and unpredictability made him a natural for the medium and he became one of the biggest draws in the wrestling business In the early '60s he was invited to wrestle in Japan Blassie both horrified and mesmerized sedate Japanese society At seventeen Freddie made his wrestling debut in a carnival Unhappy with his choice of occup. With a career that stretched from the 1930 s to the mid 80 s and encompassed such roles as pro wrestler carny comedian freuent talk show guest and movie star Classy Freddie Blassie left a uniue and indelible imprint on American culture His work with Andy Kaufman in particular still resonates with me This was a fun read written in the same gruff charismatic tone as Blassie s best promos but it also contains uotes from many of Blassie s peers and friends so while it hits all the major events of Blassie s career it also shows the true face behind the curtain While the book is mostly Blassie working his audience he doesn t hesitate let his guard down Published just weeks before his death you get the sense that Blassie felt liberated in having the whole story of his life finally come out

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Ation his family persuaded him to get a real job and for a while he worked as a meatcutter But after serving in the Navy in World War II Freddie returned to wrestling Here he picked up his catch phrase pencil neck geek Early in his career Blassie wrestled for Jess McMahon and would later work for both his son Vincent James McMahon and his grandson Vincent Kennedy McMahon the current owner of World Wrestling Entertainment ™ When his days in the ring ended. I picked this book up at Border s for a dollar a while ago and to say for that price it was worth the read Classy Freddie Blassie lead an interesting life as one of early wrestlings heels or bad guys Through out the book they have friends co workers and family members comment on Blassie and the reader finds out that this guy who at one point in time was the most hated man in professional wrestling was the nicest guy in the world outside the ring but this was when the fans thought what was happening in the ring was real that it was not acting I would recommend this book to a person who has some interest in wrestling specially the golden era when it was considered a legitimate sport unlike today when it is common knowledge that it is just a male soap opera