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Summary The Kalish Method

The Kalish Method

THE KALISH METHOD integrates the latest in modern scientific testing with age old natural health solutions for weight loss fatigue depression digestive problems and female hormone imbalances Through the implementation of si.

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Mple lifestyle changes and the use of individualized lab based supplement programs the Kalish Method has already helped thousands of people reclaim their health and achieve optimum wellness In addition to using functional m.

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Edicine assessments for hormones digestion and detoxification systems the program also incorporates one of the most significant recent breakthroughs in natural medicine the next generation of amino acid therapy Mind Mapping.

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    The book gives several solid guidelines for optimizing health The advice is pretty standard fair that is found in most good functional medicine books There was a small section that was a fairly good introduction to amino acid therapy It's emphasized the importance of balancing amino acids to avoid neurotransmitter imbalances The discussion o

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    Although Dr Kalish has some good insights treating the root of the problem not the symptomseating clean and reducing stress to manage The Big 5 health concerns and not always following western medical advice rather a harmonized balance of both eastern and western healing he fails to separate himself as the guru he's obvi

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