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The project of all philosophy may be to gain reconciliation with time even if not every philosopher has dealt with time expressly A confrontation with the passing of time and with human finitude runs through the history of philosophy as an ultimate concern In this genealogy of the concept of temporality David Hoy examines the emergence in post Kantian continental philosophy of a focus on the lived experience of the time of our lives rather than on the time of t.

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The Time of Our Lives

He universe The purpose is to see how phenomenological and poststructuralist philosophers have tried to locate the source of temporality how they have analyzed time's passing and how they have depicted our relation to time once it has been in a Proustian sense regained Hoy engages competing theoretical tactics for reconciling us to our fleeting temporality drawing on work by Kant Heidegger Hegel Husserl Merleau Ponty Nietzsche Gadamer Sartre Bourdieu Foucault B.

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Ergson Deleuze Zizek and Derrida Hoy considers four existential strategies for coping with the apparent flow of temporality including Proust's passive and Walter Benjamin's active reconciliation through memory Zizek's critiue of poststructuralist politics Foucault's confrontation with the temporality of power and Deleuze's account of Aion and Chronos He concludes by exploring whether a dual temporalization could be what constitutes the singular time of our live.

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    201217 i forgot to write a review of this so by memory an interesting review of various models of time particularly from the continental philosophers with no particular focus no argument no insistence on any one in mind perhaps a logical dissertation on how models assert this or that idea of time but then 'time' is a big subjectthis is not where to end reading on 'time' but perhaps a good place to start and t

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