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Rgo The corporation finds itself under attack when used cars mysteriously explode catch fire or fail due to a variety of other causes Lawsuits proliferate and the negative and highly visible media coverage promises to destory the company's business Harry accep.


Burned Harry Caine #1

Harry Caine a licensed Florida PI operating his investigative agency in West Plam Beach finds a way to attract big money clients The Palm Beach kind of big money His new client Evans Enterprises owns a network of car dearlerships from West Palm Beach to Key La.

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Ts the task of finding who and why someone is on a missioin to destroy Evans Enterprises His investigation soon reveals a deeper darker mystery fueled by envy hate and revenge A slow burning hate motivated by an act of simple greed committed forty years earlie.

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    Action packedfrom start to end it was a good mystery I read it at on sitting burning the midnight oil Will be reading of Harry Caine mysteries