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S This definitive manual provides riders with everything they need to ride longer and faster and to excel at ultra distance cycling events Simon Jobson is Professor of Sport and Exercise Physiology at the University of Winchester UK As a BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist he provides sport science support for a number of top cyclists Dominic Irvine is an ultra distance cyclist He has completed events including the Race Across the Alps Ultracycling Dolomitica st place and London Edinburgh London He also holds the world record for the Land s End to John O Groats tandem cycle ride He works with multinational companies helping employees achieve higher levels of performan.

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Ultra-Distance Cycling: An Expert Guide to Endurance Cycling

This expert guide to competitive ultra distance cycling is all riders need to cycle a very long way fast Ultra distance events are among some of the greatest challenges a cyclist can face with riders spending hundreds of miles in the saddle over a hour period battling the elements and overcoming both physical and mental hardships What was once elite is now mediocre and today thousands of dedicated riders cycle up to and over miles on ultra distance rides every week To add to this the increasing profile of major events such as Race Across of America RAAM Race Across the Alps RATA and Ultracycling Dolomitica means that manyriders are being drawn to the challenge of non stop endur.

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Ance cycling Ultra Distance Cycling is the first mainstream book to offer practical authoritative guidance to cyclists looking to step up to long distance endurance events as well as expert advice to established competitors seeking a competitive advantage Written by a leading sports scientist and a record breaking ultra distance cyclist this uniue book is both science and experience based offering practical and performance enhancing insights on a wide range of areas These include physical training and mental preparation guidance on your support network advice on PR and sponsorship as well as all important sections on euipment nutrition and the major ultra distance cycling event.