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    Gavin Maxwell was born on the 15th July 1914 the youngest son of Lieutenant Colonel Aymer Maxwell and Lady Mary Percy fifth daughter of the seventh Duke of Northumberland As the fourth child he had a sheltered upbringing in the small

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    Douglas Botting is an excellent biographer helped by the fact that he was a close friend of Maxwells' His early life growing up in the Scottish highlands and his WW2 SAS service later shark hunting ventures prove him to be a talented and formidable force A shame Maxwell's estate put a block on some parts of Maxwell's life

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    Superb and moving insight into Gavin Maxwell

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The life of the man who wrote Ring of Bright Water This is the first full length biography of Gavin Maxwell a tour de force as evocative of the places and creatures in Maxwell's life as of the man himself Never had the simple life been pursued by so complicated a character Grandson of the Duke of Northumberland.

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Gavin Maxwell

Ure It was the explorer Wildfred Thesiger who introduced Maxwell to otters in the Tigris Marshes of Ira Ring of Bright Water his classic account of life with otters brought him worldwide fame as an outstanding writer and a latter day eccentric int he grand mannerThe book is illustrated with maps and photographs.

free download ê eBook or Kindle ePUB ¶ Douglas Botting

Maxwell never knew his father killed in battle in 1914 the year of his birthHis childhood spent at the isolated Scottish ancestral home of Elrig and his wartime training SOE agents in survival techniues he later took up shark hunting on the Hebridean isle of Soay the subject of his first book Harpoon at a Vent.