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In an unknown location in Scotland is a small surreal village where the locals love to eat pizza The story unfolds around Smith just an average guy who is having a really bad week.

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Temptation and Mozzarella

Smith loses his job his bicycle becomes sentient and runs away one of his best friends reveals that he is an alien and a guy who thinks he is the devil is stalking him If you tho.

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Ught that things couldn’t get surreal than that think again From invisible snooker to rogue FBI agents join me for a bizarre and wonderful journey over one week in Smith’s lif.

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    Temptation Mozzarella is funny but inconsistent never a procession of glorious lines but it does have some a rare cousin though to the classic Good Omens It’s set in the village with the highest number of Loch Ness Monster sightings apart from Loch Ness where you drift along in its odd wandering conversational tale until you bl

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    I am not embarrassed to say that I laughed outloud on the bus Great value for money the author obviously took a lot of time and effort writing and editing this book I think if I say too much it will give away the