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T Louis Frost she agrees on the condition that he will also teach her to paint Suddenly her world begins to expand to become a place of art and loveBut Silas has only thought of one thing since their meeting and his obsession is darkeni. Happy pub day to this creepy blend of hist fic and mystery The Doll Factory is set in 1850s London The Great Exhibition is going up on Hyde Park It s an art exhibition and among the crowd watching the event are Iris and Silas who meet by chance Iris is an aspiring artist and Silas is collector of curiosities and a taxidermist creepy Iris does not think much of the meeting but to Silas it s a point of importance Iris is asked to model for Louis Frost and she agrees if he will teach her how to paint This is only the beginning for Iris as she sees doors opening for her and her passion for art However Silas is only thinking of Iris and his thoughts are obsessive dark and sinister I LOVED the Victorian London setting Macneal brings it vividly to life The tone is dark The Gothic elements are strong and haunting Silas oozes creepiness Admittedly there were some parts that were too dark for me and I had to skim over those There is something for everyone in The Doll Factory It s frightening and well paced I loved the art references and the writing flows smoothly The obsession and darkness of it all is drawn so well I was gripped and found the entire read compelling Overall The Doll Factory is a chilling piece of eual parts historical fiction and mystery It s a page turner and I adored it though it completely creeped me out I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own TW due to the taxidermy please be aware there were some animal scenes I had to skip over Many of my reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom

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The Doll Factory

The Doll Factory the debut novel by Elizabeth Macneal is an intoxicating story of art obsession and possessionLondon 1850 The Great Exhibition is being erected in Hyde Park and among the crowd watching the spectacle two people meet For. This is an unforgettable piece of chilling and gothic historical fiction the debut from Elizabeth Macneal set in the Victorian era She writes an atmospheric and beautifully constructed story of art ambition a deranged obsession love and horror amidst the poverty class divisions and entrenched ineualities sualor culture scientific developments and the prevalent social norms and attitudes of the time such as the way women were treated Iris and her sister Rose live humdrum lives painting dolls for the laudanum addicted Mrs Salter Life has not been easy for the sisters Iris has ambitions to be an artist but is not supported by her family in this It is 1850 the year of the Great Exhibition and Iris has what is for her an inconseuential encounter with the odd and strange Silas a troubled taxidermist with his shop of curiosities visited by the medical profession and artists For the lonely Silas it is to mark the start of an all encompassing obsession that is to become increasingly delusional as in his mind Iris feels as he doesIris encounters the Pre Raphaelite artist Louis Frost who wants Iris to model for him and which provides Iris with the opportunity she has been seeking to escape her suffocating life and social class and realise her dreams She asks Louis to provide her with art lessons and he acuiesces with Iris painting in secret In a increasingly dark and disturbing narrative Iris begins to have increasing feelings for Louis but the disturbed Silas has other plans The author skilfully captures this historical period with her rich and evocative descriptions the Pre Raphaelite brotherhood the science and in her diverse cast of characters Her characterisation of Silas is stellar he feels like a real and authentic character in all his madness and I adored the young bright street child Albie with his understandable desire for a set of teeth I found this a gripping story particularly in the last part where it becomes thriller than just pure historical fiction It is an unsettling and disturbing immersive read with its elements of horror ideal for those who love historical fiction set in Victorian times Highly recommended Many thanks to Pan Macmillan for an ARC

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Iris an aspiring artist it is the encounter of a moment – forgotten seconds later but for Silas a collector entranced by the strange and beautiful that meeting marks a new beginning When Iris is asked to model for pre Raphaelite artis. When the streets are at the darkest and uitest a girl settles at a small desk in the cellar of a dollmaker s shop A bald china head sits in front of her and watches her with a vacant stare She sueezes red and white watercolours on to an oyster shell sucks the end of her brush and adjusts the looking glass before her The candle hisses The girl narrows her eyes at the black paper London 1850 As the great metropolis is preparing for an illustrious event three characters discover their lives are unexpectedly irrevocably interconnected A young woman gifted with talent and bravery tries to escape a life of tyranny and follow her vocation A painter member of the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood searches for inspiration and a place in the Great Exhibition A shady collector who lives in his own world of make believe searches for the next item to be displayed In the streets of a city where darkness and light take part in a daily battle a story of obsession and darkness unfoldsthis exuisite novel has entered my personal Historical Fiction pantheon Because it is perfectElizabeth Macneal uses the theme of Art to comment on how perceptions and make believe can alter a person s life Within the London society the belly of the beast young women are forced either to bow to their families notion of identity or rebel and end up in a lice infested brother or the poorhouse No one cares whether they are gifted with extraordinary talent no one listens to their wishes In a society that vilifies the poor and worships the corrupted nobility appearance and a problematic idea of respectability is everything Iris has to rebel against the family and decides to follow the changing era that hesitantly begins to make a difference The universe of Art isn t free of its own prejudices and stereotypes but if nothing else it provides a kind of freedom that women are not allowed in the respectable part of a society that cannot face the factsWhen a novel is set in London the city becomes a character I will use the phrase a Dickens of our times because Macneal s pen raises London out of the pages and the capital comes alive in front of our eyes Silas s devilish presence echoes the dangers that can be found in any era in any city The psychopath the evil the threat that appears when you least expect it Lies insecurity battling against the world of men everything is necessary when you find the chance to escape a life dictated by others I am not some ladies Iris is the heart of this striking story a character of her time without becoming a caricature of the boring pseudo feisty heroine that is only a period copycat of the same old same old novels Her spirit and her honesty her determination and resilience are characteristics of a protagonist you can root for Unless you are narrow minded in which case this book is not for youThere is definite darkness in the novel a Gothic mystery a horror story that reuires a strong mind I adore the concept of taxidermy it fascinates me to no end and Macneal uses it to perfection to create a powerful atmosphere that turns you into an observer who has to witness everything unable to react to warn or rescue You just stand there in awe hoping Hope is never far away even in the corners of a dark dirty violent city that gives and takes nourishes and kills The Doll Factory is one of those novels that I call brave reads It is purely Victorian an accurate and acute study of the era and the themes of womanhood and self preservation of freedom and strength Yes it is violent Of course it is the era reuires it life itself reuires it and the finest stories are not created out of silly happiness pink clouds and cliches The stories that endure are born out of the human soul and its incredible inexplicable depth Humans suffer animals suffer in real life Why should books be any different when they are the mirrors of societies over the centuriesIf you are a brave reader who demands complex and confident stories The Doll Factory is one of the finest Historical Fiction novels you ll ever read Dead dead all dead My reviews can also be found on

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    Richly evocative of Victorian London ‘The Doll Factory’ revolves around Iris who together with her sister Rose works for the crue

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    This is an unforgettable piece of chilling and gothic historical fiction the debut from Elizabeth Macneal set in the Victorian era She writes an atmospheric and beautifully constructed story of art ambition a deranged obsess

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    This novel is a winner for me The 1850 London where pre Raphaelites shook the artistic world where a young woman is tired of painting dolls and wants to express herself in real art London where a little boy collects money

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    NO SPOILERSThis Victorian erafusion drama gets creepier and creepierwith a climactic ending A reader who chooses

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    The Doll Factory imagines an 1850 London that could easily have been written by Dickens We see Albie the street urchin with but a single tooth who collects dead animals for Silas a taxidermist and a collector who dreams of having his own museum of oddities Twin sisters Iris and Rose paint and cloth china dolls for Mrs Salter their laudanum addicted mistress When Iris meets Louis Frost a pre Raphaelite painter

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    ''When the streets are at the darkest and uitest a girl settles at a small desk in the cellar of a dollmaker's shop A bald c

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    TalentArtobsessionlovepovertypossibilityyearningGothicVictorianAll words which can be used to describe The Doll Factory a Gothic Victorian tale set in London in 1850 When Iris an aspiring artist meets Louis pre Raphaelite artist she agrees to model for him in exchange for painting lessons She spends her days pain

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    Happy pub day to this creepy blend of hist fic and mystery 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 The Doll Factory is set in 1850s London The Great Exhibition is going up on Hyde Park It’s an art exhibition and among the crowd watching the event are Iris and

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    35 StarsI was lured into reading this book because of its locale and time period Victorian London the Dickensian gothic atmosphere and the promise of all things weird This book delivered on all frontsThe main character is Iris who with her twin sister Rose works in a porcelain doll shop in London The apprenticeship was set up by their parents The establishment is sandwiched in between other storefronts one o

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    Expectations metIris and her twin sister Rose work in a shop that makes dolls They paint their faces an make their clothes sending nearly all their wages back to their parents Iris secretly longs for she fondly remembers the times her and Rose would plan their own shop where they could sell their own wares and be independent When the opportu