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Development or operations side in need of a primer on this way of workingInside DevOps evangelist Emily Freeman provides a roadmap for adopting the management and technology tools as well as the culture changes needed to dive head first into DevOpsIden.

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Devops for Dummies

Develop faster with DevOpsDevOps embraces a culture of unifying the creation and distribution of technology in a way that allows for faster release cycles and resource efficient product updating DevOps For Dummies provides a guidebook for those on the.

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Tify your organization's needs Create a DevOps framework Change your organizational structure Manage projects in the DevOps world DevOps For Dummies is essential reading for developers and operations professionals in the early stages of DevOps adoption.

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    I’m admittedly biased Emily is a friend and was kind enough to mention me in the acknowledgements but this is an excellent overview of getting started on your devops journey From learning how what and why we measure; to how to find small wins; to finding champions for this cultural shift this book covers it all

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    This book was slow to read It took me a while to get into it and finish reading it The concepts are great and helped me understand DEVOPS a little better

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    Great in depth look at many topics across Devops Keep within close reach for reference

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