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Moves ever closer to the one discovery Virginia does not want him to make that of his true origi.

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Appius and Virginia

A single woman tries to counter the tedium of her life by buying a young orangutan whom she name.

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S Appius and teaching him to eat sleep read and speak like a human As Appius gains knowledge he.

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    UpDate Neglect'd Books writes a wikipedia like some good stuff I'm certain than one of you will find something to delight in hereThe Neglected Books Page reviews William's Wife another novel by Trevelyan not in the grdb When I set the book down I felt as if all the air has been sucked from my lungs William’s Wife is a chapter of the human comedy that would have made Balzac proudUS13604 shipping from ukhttpswwwabebookscomservletS

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    Published in 1933 this is a strange book; although not brilliantly written the concept behind the story is so fascinating that I was drawn to keep reading just to see what happensVirginia is a friendless middle aged spinster who comes up with an idea for spending her later years in a productive manner She decides to get a baby ape a