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She hates him for it Isabelle dreams of a man who gets that she's not a ballbuster that she's afraid to trust after a recent emotional thrashing from her ex Matt But Cassian is only interested in dating supermodels and demands that she be strong and in control of the construction crew that work for her When Isabelle discovers the secret room that Cassian has kept.

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Enthralled by Design

Hidden from her design her curiosity explodes and she enters an agreement that could consume her Cassian has planned how to force her into submission Book 2 is Enthralled by Exposure Book 3 is Enthralled by Eternity All three now published for your sexy pleasure Note ENTHRALLED is a hot and sexy romance with extended BDSM scene for hot and sexy minded gals and guy.

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The first part of ENTHRALLED a 3 part BDSM urban sexy romance Isabelle Diamond works like a demon trying to establish herself as a successful interior designer in New York City She is desperate to get the job of designing billionaire Cassian Lyonne's fabulous penthouse and makes him an offer she might live to regret He knows she wants it and keeps her waiting and.

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    Isabelle Diamond had been in a very bad relationship Matt had taken advantage of her He was truly what I like to r

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    Evocative and exciting Evocative and exciting with a strong female lead which I enjoy Not really sure the male character is as engaging but hopefully his personality will emerge It is annoying that the book is not intact though there is expectation of completion when ordering a book I might have to start going back to the library