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Her and a link to Alex Harris the victims lawyerAs Duncan heads south to Milton Keynes it becomes apparent that Alex Harris is not what he appears and is now the prime suspect in the caseJust as the trail appears to have gone cold Harris reappears and Duncan's investigation is on a dramatic collision course between past and present.

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Revenge Grows Harsh

X Harris is lured into a world of insurance fraud and money laundering In Manchester another young man is found murdered in the heart of the City's gay uarterDCI Duncan the intellectual investigator who runs the City Centre cases is assigned to the murder His investigation highlights the connections between the murder of Jack's mot.

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Revenge Grows Harsh is a fast paced thriller set in the tough grey streets of Manchester and the modern boulevards of Milton KeynesIn 1992 the mother of Jack Ladd is murdered Jack is left with only his drunken father and swears revenge which he seeks with the help of his close friend JoeIn present day Milton Keynes young lawyer Ale.

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    There were times when I thought this book wasn't going to be for me; the over description of the routes people were taking literal not metaphorical and of cars made me think I was altogether too female But the plot was interesting enough to keep me reading and I'm glad I did This is not uite a murder mystery but a murder and myster

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    A brilliant first novel and a real page turner Im now eagerly awaiting any seuels

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    I just re read my own book to write a screenplay It is actually rather good but I would say that

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