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Is but an illusion We can heal We can find joy again Author Heather Scavetta discovered that reality when she began developing her clairvoyant abilities after the death of her daughter Elizabeth in 2004 In The Power of Love Scavetta shares her personal journey of receiving visions and afterlife communication from her daughter loved ones and spirit guides who encourage her to persevere through her grief Having no previous ability Scavetta shows that opening up s.

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The Power of Love

There's an old folk tale about a young mother who lost her child and is inconsolable The wise man of the village tells her to go from house to house to find what everyone sharesand what everyone sharesis loss It's the universal experience Although we all will grieve the loss of our loved ones we can learn how to reconnect with them Through prayer and meditation we can shift our awareness from the physical to the non physical We can witness firsthand that death.

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Piritual gifts is accessible to everyone Through personal examples she shares how to open your own psychic and mediumistic abilities and she discusses the many ways spirit can reach us A story of celebration about the amazing and wonderful experiences that occurred since Elizabeth's transition The Power of Love narrates one family's story of how they opened their spiritual gifts to see hear and feeland to know beyond any doubttheir daughter never left their sid.

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    A touching account of a mother's grief and how the death of her daughter moved her along her appointed path into mediumship Today Heather runs regular classes out of her studio in Canada teachingcoaching others in psychic development mediumship and channelingI first heard of Heather through an online radio show wherein each week she described her time since her daughter's passing to the present moment She was one of the first m

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    This memoir is truly written from the heart It's authentic and magical It's transformative and uplifting For anyon

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