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Naked slave girls pulled their chariots in an exhausting race to entertain the jaded crowd was painful degrading and humiliating but not especially dangerous But now the Arena has been flooded and beneath the surface of this artificial lake lurks an unknown danger a terrible ferocious danger Charlotte and the other slave girls will be stru.

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Damsels in Distress The Atkoi Slave Girl Book 11

Ggling naked for their very survival while the crowd watches the entertainment BEAUTIFUL OBEDIENT SLAVE GIRLS CALLOUS MASTERS AND A BACKDROP OF A DECAYING GALACTIC EMPIRE SPARROWHAWK IS THE UNDISPUTED SUPREMO OF BONDAGE BDSM LITERATURE This story has previously been published as part of Slave Girl of Ziandakush Book 2 of the Atkoi War Trilo.

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The ATKOI SLAVE GIRL books may be read in any order Charlotte was the young wife of a doctor before she was abducted by raiders and transported to Akkadis Now she has been branded and sold to a brothel called Damsels in Distress Worse is to follow The 'Damsels' also stages the barbaric 'Games' at the local Arena The first event in which the.