Read The Freuencies of Rifing epub ☆ Ing Marcello Allegretti

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characters É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Ing Marcello Allegretti

Cal order This makes it extremely difficult to identify all possibilities or alternative sets that one may wish to use in their experiments for any given condition In this guide for the first time you will find all the freuency sets used on a Rife Machine both known and experimental They are arranged accordingly to a set of criteria and relevance making cross reference searches possible More than 6200 freuency sets are listed 127 pages full color They cover the human body organs pathogens diseases homeopathic products minerals vitamins chakras and They are sorted and cat.

Read The Freuencies of Rifing

The Freuencies of Rifing

Alogued in a way that makes it much easier to locate the information that will allow the best program choices Each entry in the guide Subject or Argument is also followed by 'Author of the set of freuencies eg Rife Hulda Clark CALF etc or by explanatory Notes by the set of Freuencies in Hz the Organ concerned the possible causative Condition of a state or a situation and the recommended time of exposure in Seconds Through the use of this guide you can easily discover all possible freuency sets that are related to the subject of interest Also in ebook version Happy Rifing.

characters É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Ing Marcello Allegretti

Rife Machines are spreading throughout the world and is a topic of interest that is growing fast Most of the time those who own such an electronic device do not know how to use it to its full potential This is especially true regarding how many freuency sets exist today and what freuencies can be used as a potential solution for a particular problem With many Rife devices they come with software that has preloaded freuency sets Others rely on information that you can get from other sources even online from the web However this information is typically listed in alphabeti.