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Complete Me Stark Trilogy #3

Eash a wild passion that utterly consumes us both Yet beneath his need for dominance he carries the wounds of a painful past Haunted by a legacy of dark secrets and broken trust he seeks release in ou. Coming to a bookstore near you July 30th Now that I ve got your attentionDamien Stark I ve missed you Complete Me is the dramatic conclusion to the Stark Trilogy It starts off right where we left off in Claim Me Damien has huge legal battles ahead and Nikki is at his side They ve both admitted to their love for each other however Damien continues to hold things backto suffer in silence The only way they seem to cope fighting either of their demons within is through sexlots of sex I liked this book a lot Was it my favorite in the series Not by a long shot It was very anti climatic for the first 75% I felt like even though they went through events that first three uarters of the book it wasn t all that captivating Now the sex the sex was off the hook When I say these two survive their demons through physical contact I mean constantly It s their wayit prevents Nikki s need to cut it helps rid the filth left within Damon s head from his abusive past at the hands of his tennis coach It works for themit s very dysfunctionally functional Nikki will do whatever it takes to support Damon Even if it s losing him She will do it Now the last twenty five percent of the book we get all the answers that have been in the shadows the entire series essentially As I said I kind of wish an entire series wasn t all cleared up in the final few chapters It took me several days to read the book which is the reason for the four star rating I easily set this book down for life It s still an awesome series I loved their commitment their chemistry their story I will seriously miss these characters An epilogue would ve been awesome just to see where they go from here We end with a happily ever after but I d love to see them a month a year from now As a side note I d love to see a Jamie and Ollie story Something about those two togetherthey ve both got issues but they just seem to keep gravitating back to each other A great series Worth the time to read Overall rating of series 45 starsCHARACTER DEVELOPMENT 5 starsSTORYLINE 5 starsSTEAM FACTOR 5 starsABILITY TO PUT DOWN 4 starsWOULD I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK heck yes Thank you Random House Bantam for the arc in exchange for an honest review

Summary Complete Me Stark Trilogy #3

Our desire runs deep But our secrets cut close Beautiful strong and commanding Damien Stark fills a void in me that no other man can touch His fierce cravings push me beyond the brink of bliss and unl. 12 Stark Trilogy book 3 35 The conclusion of multi billionaire kinky lover Damien Stark s and Nikki Fairchild s story The coming together of two kindred haunted souls with dark forces set to keep them apart Where Damien and I are concerned there is never just silence There is heat and electricity and lust and need all harnessing the power of the universe to pull us together And how can I be expected to fight physics The Stark Trilogy is the whirlwind romance between former youth tennis pro and self made multi billionaire Damien Stark and recent College graduate and former beauty ueen Nikki Fairchild On the outside they are both strikingly beautiful but on the inside they are two broken flawed and tortured souls This is their story of secrets painful pasts revenge lust control and surrendering it all for loveBook 1 Release MeBook 2 Claim Me Book 3 Complete MeBook 35 Take Me In previous books we followed as Southern belle Nichole Fairchild Nikki was propositioned by the elusive billionaire entrepreneur and master of his universe Damien Stark to pose for a nude painting Their attraction and connection has been intense and undeniable from the first moment but much has stood in their way They have explored sexual submission and control while maneuvering through haunted pasts envy jealousy deceit lies and other set backs all under the watchful eye of the hounding paparazziComplete Me book 3 is the conclusion of Damien s and Nikki s story As their romance has blossomed they have further uncovered each other s demons and found strength and solace in each other But their journey is far from over Follow them to Europe as they face a huge trial not only fighting for their relationship but for their very lives Damien Stark is a combination of swoon worthy good looks and larger than life personality he s enigmatic elusive intense kinky in control broken flawed ruthless and unyielding yet when it comes to Nikki he allows himself to be vulnerable and human Six words to describe Damien Captivating intense ruthless enigmatic commanding and unforgettable He is power and poetry grace and perfection and I feel my body tighten in response to the beauty that is Damien Nikki Fairchild has come a long way working through her demons Six words to describe Nikki Smart vulnerable broken resilient conflicted and determined You re what gives me strength If I am what centers you Nikki then you are what anchors me Complete Me is filled with twists and turns driven by the unfolding of who has been trying to break them apart Be prepared for a few surprises and shockers before the perfect ending to their saga I might have wished for an epilogue fast forward a few years into the future but I am elated knowing they conuered their demons and found love peace and happinessInteresting plot Compelling and captivating characters Sizzling sex scenes And the flawless conclusion Great job Ms Kenner I am highly recommending What I want Nikki Always what I want Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 35 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes freuency 45 starsStoryline concept rating 5 starsStorytelling skills rating 5 starsStory ending rating 45 starsBook editing rating 5 no edits spotted 5 starsOverall rating 45 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series Maybe laterWould I read future books by this author Yes

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R shared ecstasy the heat between us burning stronger each day Our attraction is undeniable our obsession inevitable Yet not even Damien can run from his ghosts or shield us from the dangers yet to co. Complete Me is excellent conclusion to this intense and sensual adult romance series Erotica is not my prefered genre but this series holded my attention from the beginning to the end Thank you J Kenner for sharing Nikki s and Damien s story with usMy Nikki and DamienPossible minor spoilers for those who have not read previous books Complete Me starts exactly where Claim Me ended Trial with Damien is about to start and Nikki is standing by his side As Damien is losing control over his life Nikki is afraid that he will push her away Their love for each other is strong and honest their passion is hot and intense But will they be able to overcome legal accusations and win the fight against Damien s demons Will their relationship survive another secrets and people s attempts to separate them Will all those problems make them stronger together or will they tear them apart Because sometimes love is not enoughNikki s and Damien s relationship is raw wild and needy They need each other as they need to breathe but reality is not making it easy for this couple It is perfectly shown in this instalment which has uite serious and depressive feel I was rooting for Nikki and Damien finding their hapiness together since first moment I read Release Me and this desire to see them content grew while reading this book They are perfect for each other and it pained me to see them hurting and going through so much fear and terrible memories in this story I was glad to see that despite her inner insecurities Nikki was trying to stay strong for Damien never giving up on them and firmly standing by his side and supporting him no matter what Damien is very interesting and fascinating character Vulnerable in past yet strong and confident in present fighting against his demons and fighting for his hapiness Damien is sexual person full of the hottest passion and desire for his Nikki His controlling nature turned me on his caring side made me swoon I was hurting for this man for what he had to go through but on the other side it made me admire him for his ability to survive and live his life to the fullest Complete Me is captivating story full of intense drama and twists It made my heart beating furiously on than one occasion and I was shocked by storyline development various times I was in constant fear of waiting for something terrible to happen I could feel that something really bad was coming something that would destroy Nikki s and Damien s bubble they created to protect themselves But since I do not want to spoil it for you you will have to find out all yourself ARC provided by Netgalley as an exchange for honest reviewMORE REVIEWS ON MY BLOG Reading Is My Breathing

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J Kenner aka Julie Kenner is the New York Times USA Today Publishers Weekly Wall Street Journal and #1 International bestselling author of over one hundred novels novellas and short stories in a variety of genresThough known primarily for her award winning and international bestselling erotic romances including the Stark and Most Wanted series that have reached as high as #2 on the New Y

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    5 Farewell My Amazing Damien Star k s “Fuck my billions Ms Fairchild All I care about is you” The world stands in awe as the powerful Damien Stark faces impossible charges By his side the love of his life Nikki Fairchild The former pageant ueen that managed to fight her own nightmares with Damien now must help him overcome his own Deal

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    ★★★★ 12 Stark Trilogy book 3 35 The conclusion of multi billionaire kinky lover Damien Stark’s and Nikki Fairchild’s story The coming together of two kindred haunted souls with dark forces set to keep them apa

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    3 VERY GENEROUS STARSHonestly I considered rating this book with less than 3 stars so I honestly think me even giving it the 3 stars rating is very generous considering how I felt about the book And I'm still uestioning wh

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    BOOK #5 IS COMING OUT IN 2 DAYSDamien has lived all his life thinking that his ghosts could be the only thing in the world that could destroy him But that changed the day he lost Nikki I can handle anything except the thought of losing you Full review available at Under the Pages

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    ARC courtesy of Random House provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review You're my reality And you're mine What a perfect ending to a great seriesIt was a sexyemotionally charged romanceThis was also intense and had me on edge throughoutTheir story takes a lot of twistsDamien and Nikki have a lot issu

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    Coming to a bookstore near you July 30th Now that I've got your attentionDamien Stark I've missed you Complete Me is the dramatic conclusion to the Stark Trilogy It starts off right where we left off in Claim Me Damien has huge legal battles a

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    Complete Me is excellent conclusion to this intense and sensual adult romance series Erotica is not my prefered genre but this series holded my attention from the beginning to the end Thank you J Kenner for sharing Nikki's

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    45 Starkalicious Stars Complete Me is the final installment of the Stark Trilogy Very rarely do like a heroine as much as a hero but both Nikki and Damien are incredible strong characters I know there are a lot of seriestrilogies of the rich handsome and damaged man but for some reason this series is special for me Its different Al

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    ♥♥♥ 3 STARS ♥♥♥ ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ● 

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    35 4 ★'s So we come to the final book in the Stark Trilogy and things are up in the air Damien and Nikki are in Germany hoping to put things

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