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Outside the booth he seems reclusive acerbic and uptight hardly Sim's type at all Is a relationship with Jesse a real possibility just a fantasy or a hopelessly lost cause When Sim offers to teach Jesse how to hula hoop as a way to relax and loosen up the lessons ease the two men into an unexpected shared world of sex kink friendship and eventually lov. Review now up on Prism Book Alliance I didn t have to be anyone I wasn tI m going to do my best to articulate my feelings about this story when all I really want to do is skip around in a meadow still drenched in sunshine just before dusk tossing copies of this book around like the sweet surprising and strong daisies they areOh Jesse you made me snort for the first time on something like page three The humor in this story is grounded in the characters Ms Rock knows these characters This euates to fantastic dialogue that is specific to Jesse and his completely unintentional at least his mind interest in Simeck aka Sim Each of these two has their own insecurities and challenges that make it a difficult prospect of possibly finding someone with whom you feel safe enough to share your deepest secrets Among these is the exploration of a lighter side of Ds defined by them what they like and want not what anyone else decides it should beAmidst the humor and easy uick pace of this read is rather deep emotion As this story went on there were a couple of times I had a lump in my throat Jesse is a character with a rather uniue voice and perspective I don t think I ve encountered him before Sim is saddled with some family strife but he s a strong one and most of his choices are usually in the right usuallyThis is a well painted world I can picture the inside of the theater the lighting booth backstage backstage and various other spots on campus I can picture these two men They are each described by the other so vividly Most of the time as they re doing things with or to each otherFriendships as exhibited through good supporting characters add depth and give us perspectives from which to witness Jesse and Sim stumbling succeeding worrying and demanding their way through all of this Jesse s friend Audra enemy dancer Shelly and Jesse s mom are fantastic female charactersEuation humor emotion physical description sexy times something I want to read I got all of that hereIs this setting a bit idyllic Yep but there is a fellow student who is a jerk which is putting it mildly who causes some damage to than one person However he s also sort left dangling no real conseuences for his actions and words are resolved before the end of the bookA few points are repeated but not in a way that made me wrinkle my nose and think didn t we just hear that One word CraybillI could say another word but I don t want to ruin it It was a first for me I loved this book I love Jesse and Sim I love the way this book made me feel I will be reading this one again It will now be a go to a comfort read one of my favorite reads for this year I really don t think you d be disappointed at all if you decided to give this one a whirlWhen you re looking for a read to lift your spirits to simply make you happy this may be the ticket I know it was for me and what a gift that was If I didn t already have a comfort food shelf I d be making a new one called books that are yummmmmmmmyyyyyyy

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Surprising ability to be cool in a crisis But Jesse is graduating in just a few months and if there's one thing he does not have time for it's a relationship Sim knows exactly what he likes civil rights the circus and sex And he knows what he likes about Jesse In the control booth Jesse is exactly Sim's type a natural leader collected and confident But. First of all I need to thank MandyM for bringing this to my attention Ds or BDSM is never high on my list so when blurbs or tags mention it on a book I will not look at the book twice Thanks to her review I decided to give this a try And boy am I glad that I did I ve been feeling jaded with published MM stories lately I found my consolation in few free online fics because they seem to do better in offering fresh voices and a forever after love that is believable including the insta love This story definitely has that Written in alternating 3rd person perspective JA Rock gives such significantly different voice in Jesse and Sim Jesse is neurotic control freak uptight who comes out as highly arrogant But at the same time I love him for understanding Sim even if he does few stupid mistakes along the way but he sure does make up for it VERY nicely and accepting Sim for what he is Sim is a total opposite he s friendly confident and seems to be all around a happy person although some of it is a survival instinct from parental neglect I love him for bringing the other side of Jesse helping Jesse to handle his control freak nature including by introduction to Hula Hooping seriously I want Sim to teach me pleaseI love the secondary characters no bitchy females no unnecessary drama Sim s has a bad past but it never feels overwhelming and Sim doesn t have that woe is me attitude The Ds is very light it s of the two young men navigate their likes and dislikes in sex anyway so I don t feel crowded by them It s refreshing the world of stage managing and hula hooping is so vivid and a very plus point in this and totally a great book to come back to

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Senior stage manager Jesse Ferelit and sopho light board operator Simeck Whedon meet while crewing a college theater production Jesse hates everything about Sim from his lack of theater experience to his obsession with LGBT politics to his infatuation with of all things Hula hoops Well he doesn't hate everything He doesn't mind Sim's eyes or hair or his. Light and sweet college boys exploring BDSM with snark what s not to loveThis was my first solo read by JA Rock and it is one of the few MM paperbacks that I own Was it worth having it up on my PHYSICAL shelf Hells yeah It was hot and such a fun read There is a ton of hoopla about the hula hoop scene in this book get it dork alert but that one really didn t make it onto my radar Logistically speaking hula hoop sex sounds like a disaster However all of the sexual tension and college aged sexcapades really got me going I love me a college boyThough I didn t find this main couple to be the strongest that I ve read I loved the humor in this book It was really really funny which I honestly didn t expect I had so many pages and passages marked down to re read later and I was chuckling out loud to myself throughout the story Just a really great easy read for those that are interested in light BDSM in a casual college setting

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    What did I think of this book? I bought a hula hoop For serious I couldn't decide between the green sparkly one or the blue sparkly one for ages I went with the green I also bought some Lego but that's got nothi

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    I think I'd call this book uirky Jesse was so weirdly adorable with his controlling ways And he could be an ass at times But he was always uick to make things right He just wasn't a people person I loved the whole enemies to lovers thing between Jesse and Sims Their banter made me laugha lot And the sexit was all kinds of kinky fun And Sims hula hooping hobby I'll never look at a hula hoop the same againThis was a very easy read Low drama

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    Light and sweet college boys exploring BDSM with snark what's not to love?This was my first solo read by JA Rock and it is one of the few MM paperbacks that I own Was it worth having it up on my PHYSICAL shelf? Hells yeah It was hot a

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    Reread on 23313 Even better the second time around Just brilliant characters and dialogue I loved every word Upping from 4 stars to 5Jesse is an aspiring stage manager in his final year of college He's also a perfectionist and a control freak which has only become worse since a nervous breakdown which he calls a

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    First of all I need to thank MandyM for bringing this to my attention Ds or BDSM is never high on my list so when blurbs or tags mention it on a book I will not look at the book twice Thanks to her review I decided to give

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    I've been stingy with stars lately really freaking stingy I didn't expect to love this book like 5 star love it and maybe that's how it snuck up

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    Well shit I loved this book was freaking by 7% but then I don't know I got thrown off the horse at about 90% I need to sleep on this one before rating and reviewing

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    It is a beautiful thing when you have alternating 1st person POV's that works and you don't even need to look at a name to know who is speaking that is how distinct Jesse and Sim's voices were Engaging characters in a light on the angst amusing opposites attract story with some tender moments The BDSM was also

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    Review now up on Prism Book Alliance ”I didn’t have to be anyone I wasn’tI’m going to do my best to arti

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    This is a freaking fun read My first JA Rock solo work I had a suspicion The main characters Sim and Jesse are uniue uirky

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