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Bugsy Author James Toback

Magnetic good looks his ferocious temper his wit his amorous exploits his fearlessness and his infectious charmAfter taking control of the New York rackets with Meyer Lansy and Charlie Lucky Luciano Bugsy's restlessness led him to Hollywood where he became an instant celebrity couted by movie stars and starlets even as he took complete control of Ca.

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Lifornia Impatient with his new success Bugsy always a wild visionary dreamed the idea of Las Vegas and carried it out but only at the highest costIt is these last glamorous stages of Bugsy's life wild hilarious and harrowing in Los Angeles and Las Vegas that are dramatized in this screenplay with sharpness freshness and an ongoing sense of surprise.

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This original screenplay by James Toback for the film Bugsy starring Warren Beatty and Annette Bening brings to glittering light the life and times of the most electric and eclectic of American gangsters Benjamin Busgy Siegelborn in 1906 into a respectable Jewish family in Brooklyn Bugsy soon distinguished himself through every imaginable means his.

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