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To Elinor

R dream of becoming Something Big Now one uestion remains will she follow her heart or her dream of finding independence and freedomBased on WWII letters To Elinor is the poignant tale of how two people met and fell in love despite all the challenges that accompanied living in and defending America in the 1940.

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It is the winter of 1941 in Fargo North Dakota when twenty five year old Elinor kisses dreamy Darrow for the first time and believes she has just met her match But there is one problem she is already engaged to not one but two other menElinor unlike most of the women during the 1940s believes there is to accom.

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Plish in life than marriage and a family As the world uickly changes Darrow heads off to war while Elinor continues to string men along in order to avoid the dreaded title of old maid As Darrow's letters arrive from all over the world Elinor struggles with letting go of the security of her suitors to pursue he.

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    Imagine finding your father's love letters to your mother from WWII? These love letters tell the story of Darrow Beaton's pursuit of the beautiful Elinor Landgrebe a bishop's daughter from Fargo North Dakota It's December 1941 and Elinor has a number of suitors but none like Darrow Beaton also known as BeatRead this book you will be immersed in a bygone era rich with historical underpinnings and enveloped in a beautiful love story

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    I feel unpatriotic for disliking this book A great idea and such a wonderful thing to find all these letters your dad wrote your mom However there are too many letters and not enough story Definitely had potential though

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    This is a really fun read by my friend Jane Bartow her father's WWII letters juxtaposed with her narrative of her mother's side of the story The letters are choice I'm amazed at what Jane has done with them Way to go JBB

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