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Ure in relation to the experience of art therapy in a positive and constructive way Contributors examine the impact of racial perceptions in their own experience their clients' lives and on the interaction of therapist and client The potential of art therapy as a force of liberation and art therapists as cultural activists is e.


Art Therapy Race and Culture

Xplored Cultural differences in meanings applied to 'colour' and to the nature of art are also discussed Illustrated with line drawings and photographs the book presents work ideas and theories based on the practical experiences of therapists from many different backgrounds and their work with clients from eually diverse origin.

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While therapists are increasingly working with multi ethnic client groups there is a paucity of material available for them to develop approaches which meet diverse cultural and racial needs Art Therapy Race and Culture is a stimulating and inspiring collection which explores the often contentious themes of race racism and cult.

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    Read this for Graduate school Did not find it very helpful I found that observing through out my life and reading other books and seeing movies through out my life were helpful

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