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Currently available at a discounted price Previously published as four individual ebooks The Weekend; The Perfect Image; Firegirl; and Lady Rising this collection of 38 John Benson stories totalling over 95000 words typically feature the common theme of spanked andor sexually submissive women often within a science fiction or fantasy setting although some take place with everyday contemporary or historical backdrops A popular theme found in a number of these stories is that of the young woman who opts for spanking as a substitute for sex as she believes that indulging in sexual activity too early may ruin her life Ultimately though it's freuently implied that her adult sexuality will combine both sex and spanking in one form or another Often with thought provoking underlying themes that explore the variety of emotions in those attracted to spanking or being spanked these works of spanking fiction offer something to stimulate both mind and bodyThe Weekend Carla is single bored and frustrated with life when her colleague Marc suggests they spend a weekend together during which she will give him control to punish and pleasure her as he sees fit So Carla accepts the proposition and embarks on a journey.

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Spanking Fiction for Mind Body Volume 2

Of discovery experiencing forced pleasure and punishment helplessness and naughtiness It begins by the wearing of a certain intimate remote controlled device during dinner continues with reluctance and obedience bondage and discipline at the touch of his wicked hands on her willing body and ends with an epiphany of self knowledge for Carla who finally learns how to let go Plus 9 other storiesThe Perfect Image Veronica is working as a prostitute and has slipped into moral laziness and made bad choices But things change when she meets a new client who makes her an offer if she gives up her autonomy and her life on the streets she can live in luxury under his roof but she must accept his rules get a job no sex or drugs or staying out late rules appropriate for an adolescent rather than an adult She agrees that she will be punished every time she breaks a rule and weekly punishments will remind her of how she should behave in her new life Returning late after going out with friends from work Veronica faces a spanking with a hairbrush and with it the shameful realisation that this is really what she craves Plus 9 other storiesFiregirl Claudine an Adept of Fire is told by a demon that she will only unders.

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Tand the meaning of womanhood if she experiences life as a slave So she makes her way to the dwelling of the EarthLord and not revealing her real identity asks to be his apprentice promising to obey him in all things Being bedded and thrashed is an enjoyable part of the deal and her new master whips her with a stick to help motivate her But the whipping alters her perceptions it excites her arouses her she begs to be possessed and seduced and freedom pales before the wonder of this slavery Claudine excels in her training and when the old Firemage up in the mountain is about to cause havoc it is left to Claudine and her master to save the towns at the base of the mountain Plus 8 other storiesLady Rising The Lady Diane is very powerful a sexual submissive and Mage rising into her full potential She is the heir to the Overlord but she is still young and not prepared to try and defeat him yet He however has no such ualms and tries to make things as difficult for her as he possibly can Diane finds herself a man She flirts and teases and taunts him into spanking her to their mutual pleasure as punishment gives way to lust He becomes her lover her punisher and her adviser to help her make the right decisio.