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Open Source Lab How to Build Your Own Hardware and Reduce Scientific Research Costs details the development of the free and open source hardware revolution The combination of open source 3D printing and microcontrollers running on free software enables scientists engineers and lab personnel in every discipline.

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Open-Source Lab

Rous examples of technologies and the open source user and developer communities that support themInstructions on how to take advantage of digital design sharingExplanations of Arduinos and RepRaps for scientific useA detailed guide to open source hardware licenses and basic principles of intellectual property.

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To develop powerful research tools at unprecedented low costs After reading Open Source Lab you will be able to Lower euipment costs by making your own hardwareBuild open source hardware for scientific researchActively participate in a community in which scientific results are easily replicated and cited Nume.

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    This text very nicely explains the why and how of open source technology for the laboratory environment This book

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    After reading the preview I purchased the full book on the hopes that this would be instructive In fact the bulk of the book appears to be somewhat recycled content including a bulky chapter on how to assemble a reprap It is nice having this content in one place so that you don't have to go hunting about for this info On the other

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    Great resourceProvides a solid introduction to affordable 3D printer built lab euipment for beginner to advanced

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