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N her friend from college Pamela for example now a high powered attorney; and Angela Which was a little complicated Grace knew Angela or knew of her in college as well She’d had an odd reputation It was said that she'd simply destroyed men who pretty much deserved to be destroyed aggressive frat boys roofie artists date rapists It was a joke right They met The Dark Angel and then.

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A Bisexual Femdom Romance Book I

Grace needed to be humiliated a lifelong craving she had stopped uestioning; just who she was Her husband Finn was an asshole Kind of the point But he has a history that she doesn’t know about a track record of leaving devastated women in his wake Humiliation is one thing; having your life destroyed rather a different proposition If Grace can’t uite see what’s coming others ca.

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You didn’t see them on campus any So when Pamela sends Grace to Angela for massage therapy Doesn’t take long before it becomes clear that sciatica is not the most important business that Pamela thinks needs attending to And it doesn’t take Grace very long before lifelong straight she begins to wonder whether or not she might want to connect herself to Angela in a variety of wa.