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Blonde busty Summer Cassidy was the hottest cheerleader at her high school She always dreamed of being an actress but now the 20 year old girl is stuck working a minimum wage job and still living with her parents When a Hollywood film crew shows up to shoot a horror movie in Summer’s home town the former cheerleader thinks she’s finally getting her chance at stardom That dream.

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Naked in Public

Uickly turns into a nightmare though thanks to Tommy and Brian two of Summer’s former classmates who volunteer to be production assistants on the movie Summer teased and tortured the two nerds in high school but now it’s time for them to get revenge The boys borrow a camera from the film crew type up some phony script pages then convince Summer to audition for a fake part which.

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Involves a long chase scene featuring a mad killer and his nude victim With the camera rolling the sexy blonde runs stark naked through school campuses public parks and even downtown streets By the end of the long day she finds herself humiliated in front of hundreds of her fellow townspeople but the crowning glory of Tommy and Brian’s plan lands the naked girl on live TV as wel.

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