Kate Finlayson (Read) A Lot of CrocAn Urban Bush Legend

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A Lot of CrocAn Urban Bush Legend

Every middle class girl who comes to the Northern Territory wants to find a lover to lick the unfamiliar red dust and scour the city from her body A chance to jump out of her skin and harden her soft urban core Connie is a barmaid working in a dead end job; her life is going nowhere fast One night Rod Ansell appears on television riding to fame as the real man behind the legend of Crocodile Dundee Something.

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H swags Connie drinks with them all and embarks on a journey as wild and wayward as the Territory itself At the core of her uest is a curiosity about survival What does it mean to live on the very edgeDark provocative and sexy A Lot of Croc is a thrilling ride deep into the heart of the Badlands It’s not so much bush out there as it is urban grunge played out against a backdrop of red dust and big empty sk.

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In his wild eyes and tangled sun bleached hair makes Connie sit up straight and suck in her breath She pulls her last beer and makes plans to track the legendWith nothing than a beat up old car and a hunger for stories Connie hooks up with anyone who can embroider her fantasies about Rod her ‘could’ve been lover’From right wing pastoralists with their love of the land to leftie lawyers and dreamers wit.

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    1 0f 23 books all for 10

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    The seller at the bookshop in Darwin had told me it would be 'an interesting read although a bit thrashy' He was right on both accounts

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    Living in remote NT at an aboriginal community I found this book interesting Couldn't put it down towards the endIt a nice book to read easy and leaves me wanting to know about Rod Ansell too

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