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Nd his best friend Itchy Ally must defend herself against the shapeshifting soldiers of Beastridge who will stop at nothing to prevent Ally from saving a world she never knew existed If the soldiers don't kill her then the homework certainly wi.

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Only a Dream Koluratura #1

When Ally achieves her life's goal of expulsion from debutante school her parents decide to teach her a lesson by means of boot camp Unbeknownst to them the Night Guards are an elite group of soldiers who protect the whimsical world of Koluratu.

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Ra from the nightmares of Beastridge Every year a group of students are chosen to join the ranks but survival is not a guarantee When Ally performs better than expected the wrong type of someone takes noticeWith the help of her brother Connor a.

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    This book is fantastic I loved it I highly recommend it to anyone who likes Divergent Hunger Games or Safe Lands It is a fun ride but where other books are dark this one is bright I could not put it down and can't wait to read it again soon

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