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Tíra vérbő iróniával Előképe Gogol és Mikszáth no meg az enciklopédikus Dante aki e regény lapjain is szerepel szolnoki lakos aki hasonlít a Dante nevű brazil balhátvédre A Sátántangó felejthetetlen táncrendje után itt is tánclépésekben haladunk a kamionhosszú szuggesztív világmondatok fenséges hömpölygésével a vég elől a vég fel. Krasznahorkai is an utterly remarkable storyteller My favorite of his novels bigger in scope than his others yet somehow easier to keep track off His favorite themes are there but balanced with a humor that makes it a much enjoyable read

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Közel leszünk a tűzhözA Sátántangóban megérkezett Irimiás és a Háború és háború előzményeként megjött Ézsaiás most újabb Krasznahorkai hős tűnik fel a lát és országhatáron Báró Wenckheim a messziről jött ember egyenesen Buenos Airesből tér haza Haza hozzánk napjaink Magyarországára és ősei vidékére a Viharsarokba Azt mond. so the professor then yelled because it had taken him that long to collect all the oxygen that was needed for the manifestation of his first indignation you ll be opening with the Satantango the Satantango and now he was roaring which frightened the three emissaries so much that they slowly took a step backward in case they had to clear out of there uickly say it once again Satantango the professor rattled hoarsely in a frightening voice and they didn t dare to speakIn 2018 Laszlo Krasznahorkai told the Paris Review s Art of Fiction Series always wanted to write just one book I wasn t satisfied with the first and that s why I wrote the second I wasn t satisfied with the second so I wrote the third and so on Now with Baron I can close this story With this novel I can prove that I really wrote just one book in my life This is the book Satantango MelancholyWar and War and Baron This is my one book Those four novels are S t ntang 1985 translated by as Satantango 2012 Az ellen ll s melank li ja 1989 translated by George Szirtes as The Melancholy of Resistance 2002 H bor s h bor 1999 translated by George Szirtes as War War 2006 and B r Wenckheim hazat r 2016 translated by Ottilie Mulzet as Baron Wenckheim s Homecoming 2019Set in a Hungarian town near to the border with Romania not named but based on the real life Gyula also featured in the other books Baron Wenckheim s Homecoming switches between the perspective of a rich cast of multiple narrators the narrator changing with each new paragraph the paragraphs themselves often lengthy and single sentences It opens with the perspective of a Professor he to whom everyone in this town referred with the greatest devotion as an internationally renowned and learned professor for his so called international over world famous investigations into mossesBut the Professor whose popularity isn t as universal as the previous sentence suggests elsewhere he is referred to as a sanctimonious swindler unjustifiably basking in his own renown a petty moss forager has renounced society leaving the town to live in a makeshift shelter in the middle of thorn bushes where we can carry out his Bernhardian project of thought immunisation exercises I never cease repeating it yet again and again and again in general because as it may have occured to you I am fond of repetition because repetititon stupifies and this stupifaction is greatly needed for the emergence or the birth of intuitionAs the novel opens his biological daughter has come to find him demanding maintenance and recognition and as the press gathers the Professor takes matters into his own hands shooting at the crowd with an illicit machine gun This is turn earns him what seems to be a admiring visit from a motorcycle gang once maybe a year ago when somebody back there in town had begun cursing them in a conversation he had somehow come to their defence saying that now when the central government in the capital city was nothing than a mere formality when every locality in this unhappy country sunk into destitution was completely left to its own devices when they had all been left to the mercy of frauds robbers plunderers and murderers then the formation and activities of such a group should instead be welcomed that s exactly what he deigned to say and by now he had regretted it exactly seven times but afterward there was nothing he could do indeed he had to bear it when the news of his words uickly spread and to his greatest surprise one day later in front of his house at the time there in the old German uarter somebody had placed a gift parcel in front of his door a gift parcel which was for him the most useless senseless and confused gift that could ever have existed because in it all jumbled together were a bottle of men s shampoo chocolate a map of Greater Hungry smuggled cognac a cheap uartz watch a bundle of matches and a few old newspapers from 1944 with certain sentences underlined in red as well as one single rose placed at the top of the package he remembered this very precisely but at that time he didn t think that they would somehow be relying on him that they would be keeping an eye on him and be treating him as some kind of intellectual reference point over because of yesterday s events they were now celebrating him as a kind of hero because from the confused words of this hick King Kong it appeared that these certain events namely his own role in these events yesterday in a harebrained fashion had made him a noble figure in their eyes and no matter how he tried to approach this he couldn t explain it by any other means only by the fact that they were lunatics a public danger and there was no point in trying to hypothesize any rational or logical motives for their activities because this posse the Professor stared at the Hungarocell panel with rounded eyes were simply sick psychopaths and vile to such a degree that only the worst could be expected from them just as he only expected the worst and precisely because of this he had to do something because this role which accordingly they had attributed to him could easily turn fatalAnd indeed their visit turns out to be less in admiration and in search of where he had obtained the weapon as it is from their own secret stash leading to a bloody confrontation Meanwhile in the town attention has switched to another celebrity the eponymous Baron His aristocratic family have facilitated his departure from Argentina where he has lived for many years to avoid his imprisonment for gambling debts and he returns to the town his childhood home people were saying that somebody was arriving somebody for whom they had been waiting a long time and that everything had changed everything today was different than it had been yesterday so that everyone was staking everything on tomorrow he saidThe townspeople are convinced that he is returning with fabulous wealth to transform their fortunes and restore the impoverished town and the Mayor Chief of Police the Editor of the local newspaper the leader of the motorcycle gang and other local worthies all compete to offer the most effusive greeting and elaborate speech when he disembarks from the trainAnother less renowned local a swindler who runs the local chain of slot machines gets in first approaching the Baron on the train and worming his way into his confidence as his assistant He goes by the nickname of Dante but to the Baron s bemusement not the author of the Divine Comedy but rather the 2012 15 Bayern Munich defender famed for his haircut And indeed while Satantango was set in a Communist era Hungary that felt mired in time this is unusually a Krasznahorkai novel where the characters have iphonesBut in reality the Baron is a na ve Prince Myshkin like character bankrupt with only the thousand euros spending money given to him by his relatives and returning with no aim other than seeking out his former love from 40 50 years earlier who he then singularly fails to recognise in his naivety seeming to forget she will have aged as he hasAnd visiting the town and the novel twice fleetingingly and mysteriously a devil like character travelling in a procession of cars twice signals that things are unlikely to end well with the novel proceeds to an apocalyptic conclusion his infinite number of vehicles glimpsed from a closer perspective seemed to belong to some kind of otherworldly army than any actual procession of cars and they moved across the city with extraordinary speed but nobody said this everyone kept it to themselvesA fitting end to a magnificent project David Auerbach s brilliant essay at Music and Literature explains the links and themes that run through four very different novels

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Amit akar vagy azt amit hallani szeretnénk Szerencsejáték függő ügyeskedő kópé vagy zseniális ötletember aki új távlatokat nyitA kisvárost egyszer csak ellepik az olajszállító kamionok Közel vagyunk a tűzhöz Krasznahorkai László új regénye egyszerre apokalipszis és karnevál a peremvidékek epicentrumáról Realista utópia Érzékeny sza. Inside texts mostly manuscripts always play an important role for Krasznahorkai Here we also find a work within a work setting The chapter entitled To the Hungarians contains a pamphlet of literary and cultural significance holding presumably the same title With a flash of genius it reports on the reading of the article and its effects in the present by evoking the readers complete life situations The title calls forth the poetic tonality of the era of national awakening the first half of the 19th century in so far as a prophet vates speaks to his people Although at that time poems were born to exhort and inspire while they held up the glorious past as an example to the Hungarians here after 200 wasted years later the prophet appears to be the final judge and after a humiliating self disclosure he asks for the doom for his own peopleThis chapter stands out from the whole work and I do regard the novel as something written apropos of this manifesto whereas the novel itself is a legal trial leading to the prosecution s sentence reuest and the implementation of the court s judgementThe book show cases a provincial town in Hungary an allegory of the whole country very much in the present It describes the place as it really looks adding gradually and details The rendering is caricaturistic which is not to forget a difficult venture A caricature simplifies relying on some exaggerated traits There is a whole universe made up of caricatures we see everybody in this way the title character the mayor the Chinese merchant the priest the biker guy and Scraggy the librarianAs a Hungarian addressed by the novel I recognized myself in my own public reality My approach is the same as that of the Germans to George Grosz s art after World War I This radicalism had not previously been characteristic to Krasznahorkai Messianistic figures social criticism apocalyptic visions have always characterized him but either the story had some openness to the future or the plot assumed abstract circumstances Here we find the darkest biblical parallels details of the Egyptian plague the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah or the failure to recognize the Messiah that manifest a very specific detailed and identifiable description of our era So if you read news about Hungary let this vision guide youAs to the reception Bosch perhaps it s surprising to mention him among the caricaturists is adored by most because of his elevation from the reality In contrast we tend to see Grosz s works as a product of an era that is not ours or may even hate the idea that his body of work is the imprint of our times Through the comparison of the two painters it is understandable why there is no love for this novel this is not the War War The adeuate emotions are dismay and disgust The reader maintains a distance and no identification can occur Is perhaps this generally low keyed author really angry this time D niel Berzsenyi To the hungarian II

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    On the surface this is Satantango for the Viktor Orbán era Instead of a dismal Hungarian village in the late Communist 1980s it's a dismal Hungarian village in the proto Fascist 2010s and instead of a criminal returning home as a prophet who unites the craven villagers it's the titular fuck up and minor nobilityThe book is much longer though with many characters and plot threads and Krasznahorkai has shed the obliue modernism t

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    In the winter of 2019 I was lucky enough to see a restored print of Bela Tarr's Sátantángo—his eight hour film adaptation of Krasznahorkai's novel of the same name—played at the Astor Theatre as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival I had read the book a few weeks earlier and had developed an obsession with Krasznahorkai uickly moving onto Seiobo There Below and War and War The film ran from 10am to 6pm and we

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    so the professor then yelled because it had taken him that long to collect all the oxygen that was needed for the manifestation of his first indignation you’ll be opening with the Satantango the Satantango and now he was roaring

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    Inside texts mostly manuscripts always play an important role for Krasznahorkai Here we also find a work within a work se

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    Generally I attempt to eschew ascribing adjectives such as “monolithic” or “labyrinthine” to the works of old Western male authors especially if meant in a positive way The words carry a tinge of worship of the canonical postmodernists whose lengthy sprawling bewildering sentences characteristically find their fan base in male readers Despite this aversion I find myself reading and praising a certain Hungarian

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    The author has referred to Homecoming as the conclusion of his tetralogy of novels Satantango The Melancholy of Resistance and War and War bein

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    I have no words It feels like this novel has carved out a piece of me and carried it off without any reassurance that what's been taken will ever be returned Recommended? Sure if you're brave enough

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    László Krasznahorkai began to travel a great deal beginning in the late 1980s residing sporadically in Berlin China Japan Mongolia Spain Greece even for a brief spell crashing at Allen Ginsberg’s apartment in New York an eventuation that purportedly proved salubrious as regards the completion of 1999’s WAR AND WAR the third

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    Krasznahorkai is an utterly remarkable storyteller My favorite of his novels bigger in scope than his others yet somehow easier to keep track off His favorite themes are there but balanced with a humor that makes it a much enjoyable read

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    probably the best LK novel to date this book expands the scope of his stalwart investigations into abject intangible evil with cutting and very relevant to the american political picture invective against the state of jour