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    The opening chapter of Lêdo Ivo’s Snake’s Nest brings a fox out of the nearby forest or woods or junglewhatever brings

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    In Omensetter's Luck a fox gets trapped in Brackett Omensetter's well It does not end well for the foxNow I know

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    A perfectly crafted epitome of that uniuely Latin American brand of lugubrious lyricism that I find impossible to resist Please see Mike's excellent review for Here are a couple of uotes “Like all animals she didn’t believe in her own death; she judged herself immortal even though she accepted her immortality with the

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    Snake's Nest Or a Tale Badly ToldLêdo IvoBrazilian author Ivo has published both poetry and prose and has received favorab

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    A característica ue mais salta aos olhos diante do narrador em terceira pessoa completamente onisciente ue narra a história mal contada de Lêdo Ivo é o seu tom bacharelesco seu português altamente formal ue tem mais de pastiche

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    It's funny and sad to meet someone who also doesn't like his hometown Lêdo Ivo could translate the hate I feel for Maceió in a lovel

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    Não há nada ue una mais as pessoas do ue o ódio pela própria cidade natal Em vários aspectos Ledo Ivo bota Graciliano no bolso Domínio absurdo da linguagem Obra prima absoluta

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    4 12 stars

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Ninho de cobras

Eny the richness of the book’s many layers the considerable skill with which the characters emerge from the narrator’s false starts the subtle and pervasive wit that skewers pomposity and pretension the suspense created by the narrator’s very unreliability and the poetry with which the exotic setting is evoked The last word in describing such a heady mixture belongs to the author who calls it “a story of terror and violence that is surely a sunny nightmare” Although Ledo Ivo is well known in his own country as a journalist and. Sensacional

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Brazilian poet Ledo Ivo’s Snakes’ Nest is a “tale badly told” in a most artful manner Part political allegory the novel explores the nature of good and evil in a provincial port in northeastern Brazil during World War II––all the ills of the repressive dictatorship then in power are reflected in the corrupt and violent society of Maceió As Ivo says “During a dictatorship all narratives are poorly told since a dictatorship is the Kingdom of Lies and cannot tolerate the truth” But to focus solely on the allegory would d. In Omensetter s Luck a fox gets trapped in Brackett Omensetter s well It does not end well for the foxNow I know enough that foxes in

Review ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Lêdo Ivo

Poetic spokesman of the “Generation of 1945” this edition of Snakes’ Nest marks his first book length appearance in English Originally published in 1973 under the title Ninho de Cobras Snakes’ Nest won the prestigious Brazilian Walmap Prize for that year The novel has been translated by Kern Krapohl who for several years lived in Brazil and worked closely with the author Jon M Tolman of the University of New Mexico has contributed an informative introduction which clearly places the story both historically and geographical. 4 12 stars

  • Paperback
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  • Ninho de cobras
  • Lêdo Ivo
  • English
  • 23 June 2017
  • 9780811208079

About the Author: Lêdo Ivo

Lêdo Ivo1 Maceió 18 de fevereiro de 1924 Sevilha 23 de dezembro de 2012 filho de Floriano Ivo e Eurídice Plácido de Araújo Ivo foi um jornalista poeta romancista contista cronista e ensaísta brasileiroSeu primeiro livro foi As Imaginações Fez jornalismo e tradução Da sua vasta obra destacam se títulos como Ninho de Cobras A Noite Misteriosa As Alianças Ode ao Crepúsculo A Étic