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    What a great book It's a wonderful story about a young woman who even though she has had tragedy in her life overcomes the tragedy builds a life for herself and a legacy of her own I am an avid reader and this is an excellent book from a first time author Very suspenseful I didn't want to put the book down

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    I made it through the first three chapters and could not force myself to read any The sentence structure is juvenile The dialogue is

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Stumbles across 15 year old Stella Compton whom he abducts and holds prisoner Stella finds herself in the midst of an incomprehensible nightmare and one she fears there is no escape from She vows if she survives her nightmarish ordeal and is reunited with her loved ones she will commit her life to righting the wrongs t.

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September Woods

An extremely dangerous prisoner stumbles across a secret that could leave him financially set for life He escapes from a maximum security prison and flees across state lines leaving a trail of destruction in his path He seeks obscurity in the Northern wooded area of Wisconsin and while shrouded in the deep forested area.


He only way she knows how Surprisingly her journey leads her to the one man who restores faith in her future and who will ultimately become the center of her world This is a story that speaks volumes about the importance of our human relationships and the animals we bond with and how one girl achieves triumph over trage.