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Inspired by true events Operation Triple X tells the story of an Indian deep cover agent inserted behind Pakistani lines during a turbulent time in the history of the Indian subcontinent leading up to the 1971 war Coming at a time when the specter of state sponsored terror and instability in Pakistan and the prospect of war in the Indian subcontinent regularly occupy news headlines Operation Triple X is not just a thrilling spy story but a very timely reminder that many of the issues we see today in the subcontinent have their roots in events that happened dozens of years agoThe.

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Operation Triple X

Ated career he handled the sensitive Pakistan and Counter terror desks when he got a first hand exposure to fighting the specter of Islamic terror that many Western readers were to remain blissfully unaware of till the tragic events of 911 After his retirement he went back to his original love and became a bestselling author and a recognized and highly respected authority on security matters He passed away in May 2012 and his son com bestselling author Mainak Dhar is now bringing his work to readers worldwide Learn about Maloy’s remarkable life and work at wwwmaloykrishnadharco.

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Fact that it is written by someone who spent than thirty years in India’s Intelligence Bureau and was a witness and active participant in many of the events that formed the basis for this novel elevates Operation Triple X from being just another thriller to one that lays bare many of the gritty and dark realities of espionage as practiced in the Indian subcontinentABOUT THE AUTHORMaloy Krishna Dhar began life as a journalist and a teacher but ended up spending than thirty years as an officer in India’s Intelligence Bureau retiring as its Joint Director During his highly decor.

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    Mesmerizing730 pages and 1500 twists and turns in the tale made 20 hours of reading a truly enjoyable experience Hats off to the RAW IB for pushing their head knowingly on the chopping board just for the safety of our nation

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    This book has it good and bad points but it deserves 5 stars for various reasonsCharacters are well fleshed out storyline makes sense and even though some events seem too unrealistic it can be excused Only confusing part w