Everybodys Got a Dream Right? ( kindle Pdf ) By Maxwell D. Radford – Epub, Kindle eBook and DOC

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Everybody has a dream At least that's what Twenty one year old Damien believes Kicked out of college and left to fend for himself in the unforgiving streets of southwest Atlanta Damien knows that his days of freedom are numbered if he can't escape the violent and risky world of dru.

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Everybodys Got a Dream Right?

G dealing that he's fallen into His dream of being a movie director seems unreachable until a close call with the police renews his fire for achievement Sharing his renewed faith in hope and determination with his friends an aspiring singer named Shari and a struggling college stud.

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Ent with a violent past named Kevin the three young people embark on a journey to claim the one thing everybody told them they didn't have; a future But reality is a harsh world to live in Have the seeds of change that have been sown in D Kevin and Shari's brains been planted to la.

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    This book is a harrowing journey into a world most of us only read about in the papers But it is also our own world; full

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