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About handling moneyMeet Michelle and Trevor Thomas as they tell their story of how God led them out from under a mountain of debt into financial freedom In Debt Free Living in a Debt Filled World they will tell you candidly how they paid off their debt built their home without a mortgage and have lived the last 14 years debt free raising four children on a teacher's salary Be encouraged in your own journey by what you read in the.

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Debt Free Living in a Debt Filled World

In considering the tough challenges that families face today one issue keeps coming to the surface all too often finances Statistics show that financial issues are consistently one of the top reasons listed for divorce in this nation Determined at the outset of their marriage to turn those grim statistics around one young couple heard biblical teaching on finances took it to heart and patterned their lives after what God has to say.

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Ses pages Whatever your situation may be know that God has a plan for freedom for you too Financial freedom is within reach so trust The Provider each step of the wayAs families begin to dig out of debt and save for future needs marriages are strengthened children feel secure and communities become better places to live God’s ways really are best So sit back and enjoy You will laugh you might cry but you will surely be encouraged.

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