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I stole her from the Horde EronThe merchant’s claims that he found an alien female who responds to Regha Alphas the way our own Omegas do are true He’s so stupid that he boasted about the female and it reached the Horde’s ears They came and will slaughter every male in. I reeeeeaaally like it now I m wondering why the heck did I waited this long to start with Ms Jacks Series of Omegaverse This one is a novella really short but from this point I can say I m gonna love every book that I have ahead Why would you asked What is different Well every story in Omegaverse it s really the crafting of each author but Ms Jacks has a solid idea for this to be great there aren t wacky reasonings for the things happening in this book to my liking so bear in mind that this is my opinion and I m not downplaying anyother story on this genre Not sure if it s a genre alredy or a sub or just a trope but thankfully and authors are delving in this kind of alternative universe and I m just loving itSo why not the whole 5 stars There were typos and run on sentences that made me pause and try to solve the puzzle for it to make sense Nothing really important but I m just pickyWould I recommend this one Positive What are you waiting for If Omegaverse rocks your boat this is a good place settle there are alredy planty of books in the serie

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Alpha Thief Part I Alpha Horde #001

This houseThe Horde never lingers in one place They come they conuer and they leave I’m counting on that Because I stole the Omega the Horde raided the house for and I'm keeping herKateAbducted auctioned then stolen What could a girl want Oh I know The broody purring Regh. Just not my cup a tea Too much bedroom not enough story

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A Alpha of course Because I'm just that special y'all Not I will resist for as long as I damn well please This is Part One of a serialized Mf Omegaverse fiction you can smut up in under 30 minutes It's written for fans of the ALPHA HORDE series and it ends with To Be Continu. Freeby on author s website

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    A short into into the Omegaverse The whole alpha males needing omega females is knew to me I know it happens in a lot of werewolf books but I haven't got into those yet And hello knotting This is my first time So the series sets itself up with a bit of world building and introducing you to the the Hoard the nomad tribe of alphas who go around killing and conuering Kate stumbles from frat party to slave pen in an instant

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    I reeeeeaaally like it now I'm wondering why the heck did I waited this long to start with Ms Jacks Series of Omegaverse This one is a novell

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    A cool start to a series that I love it's just a small taste but it definitely gives you the flavor of what will follow in the next

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    Just not my cup a tea Too much bedroom not enough story

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    Freeby on author’s website

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    Funny and very entertaining let’s go straight to part two 35 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ to start with

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    Totally entertaining Different genre for me Loved it

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    Free book by Milana Jacks on her website Introduction to KateEron whereby Eron basically re kidnaps her for himself

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