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New Dawn

In the days of ethnic strife and struggles for Kingdom wide control in the African Gold Coast village of Asempa’Krom the beautiful young Ima eagerly awaits for her marriage to the village’s lustiest warrior Batum Batum’s air of cockiness and physical strength are nearly a perfect match for Ima’s impetuous spirit and both have a fire burning in their belly for the power of their promising young lives The impending union causes Ima’s peers to envy the haughty saucy and self indulgent maiden But when Batum carries out a wholly unprovoked attack on the neighbouring village’s Chief warrior Adiago to feed his greed for power and glory h.


Ave off her loneliness and prove herself as an individual and not the reflection of Batum’s evil doings While there she discovers her compassion and resolves her growing desire for the very man who is now her captor Her spirit and tenacity which once served as an impediment in her immaturity now serve her well – helping her to find true love and guide her in the ways to reel in the man’s heart she desiresNew Dawn tells the story of two very complex men and two resolute women who are fierce in their mannerisms sharp tongued bold in their actions protective as lionesses and determined to take what belongs to them – but will they succeed.

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Is uncontrolled actions prompt his desperate flight from Asempa’Krom Learning that Batum has killed the wife and children of another man in the surprise night time raid Ima’s father Seth informs her of the dissolution of her betrothal Ima becomes the immediate target of her peer’s ridicule and cruel mocking To avenge the attack on Adiago the offended warrior’s clan sets out to kidnap Ima and unintentionally begin her journey to womanhood Over a week’s journey by foot away from her home Ima is kept in the house of the man whose family was slaughtered by Batum Referring to her only as “Batum’s intended wife” Ima must learn to st.

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    Action packed never a dull moment and emotion filled hot sections very good

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