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Truly mattered in lifeThere was his beautiful girlfriend his job doing what he loved and his dreams of becoming a world renowned mixed martial arts fighter and all were falling by the wayside as he started to spend and time worrying about what was ha.

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Keyboard Warrior

It’s an unmistakable light; that of a glowing computer screen in a dark roomFor Dave “Vicious” Cross it was becoming part of his nightly routine His obsession with social media and the internet was flourishing at the expense of the things that.

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Ppening in the realm of social mediaIn his mind Dave is just one win away from being a household name and as he gears up for what is the fight of his life everything begins to unravel as he begins to discover that his most dangerous opponent is himse.

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    A twisted taledisturbingand familiar enough to be uncomfortable I've threatened numerous times that I was going to uit social mediabut so far I haven't followed through and so it made this story all the realistic for me This was a great read Well written uniue relevant I'd recommend it to anyone wanting something uick but

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