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Rk promoting an active dialogue between the present and the past In an age where culture is voraciously consumed by a wider public than ever before galleries and museums are no longer just repositories They are sites of experience where the mind is often engaged as much as the eye This is the first coherent historical account of the changing attitudes to the way art is presented in the mode.

summary Experience or Interpretation Walter Neurath Memorial Lectures

Experience or Interpretation Walter Neurath Memorial Lectures

Rn museum of art Nicholas Serota examines the relationship between the artist the public and the curator He takes us into the artist's studio itself a paradigm of display and then on a knowledgeable and wide ranging international tour of museums galleries and installations With authority and insight he provides an expert view of the ways we can expect art to be displayed in the 21st century.

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How do we see art How is it displayed One hundred years ago art was displayed in a way intended to educate Galleries reflected the curator's view of history at the expense of differing viewpoints Today not only do museums and galleries celebrate these differences of expression they also welcome the collaboration of living artists both in displaying art and providing a 'home' for artists' wo.

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    A brief rumination on the transformation of art museums from encyclopedic exhibits of art history toward experiential aesthetic displays Serota uestions how this transformation impacts the didactic purposes of the museum as well as changes the roles of both curators and visitors Visitors and curators alike must accept and embrace a form of display that is less linear and actively focused on moments of individual discovery rather than a well

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    In this short reading Nicholas Serota Director of Tate explains the display concept he would later use for Tate Modern It is a good summary of innovative display methods employed by modern art museums and galleries that set the trend for what we are experiencing nowadays

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    Changed my way of thinking art space and production Really easy to read and comprehend Highly recommended

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