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Wide readership Colin Baker Bangor UniversityOfelia Garca writes with wisdom heart and an unshakable conviction that bilingual education is the best education for all children in today s world A must read for educators everywhere Nancy Hornberger University of Pennsylvania Ofelia and Hugo have unemployed a lot of researchers After this book there is no need for another book on bi multilingual education for a decade With its creativity new conceptualisations enormous worldwide knowledge and unusual combination of path breaking theory and insider knowledge about schools this is The Book on bilingual education Tove Skutnabb Kangas University of Roskilde Bilingual Education in the st Century examines languages and bilingualism as individual and societal phenomena presents program types variables and policies in bilingual education and concludes by looking.

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Bilingual Education in the 21st Century: A Global Perspective

Aside from the conceptual issues highlighted above the detailed discussions of multilingual education policy alone make the book worth buying for scholars of language in education issues Journal of Linguistic Anthropology April It goes without saying that the book has merit in the field of bilingual education It is not only a desirable material to have for all scholars interested in furthering their understanding of this area Because of its comprehensive nature and its presentation of solid arguments it is also an ideal text to use in graduate and undergraduate courses Applied Linguistics This book will become a classic in the bilingual education literature It provides a comprehensive overview of bilingual education at the levels of philosophy policy provision and practice It has international relevance global understandings and is suitable for a world.

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At practices especially pedagogies and assessments This thought provoking work is an ideal textbook for future teachers as well as providing a fresh view of the subject for school administrators and policy makers Provides an overview of bilingual education theories and practices throughout the world Extends traditional conceptions of bilingualism and bilingual education to include global and local concerns in the st century uestions assumptions regarding language bilingualism and bilingual education and proposes a new theoretical framework and alternative views of teaching and assessment practices Reviews international bilingual education policies with separate chapters dedicated to US and EU language policy in education Gives reasons why bilingual education is good for all children throughout the world and presents cases of how this is being carried o.